New job at The Prince Charles

I’m 99% sure I’ve got a job at The Prince Charles Hospital but I live in Holland Park. Currently I work in Auchenflower so its an easy 25-30 on my heavy mtb.
How long and which route shold I use to get out to Chermside do you think?

It’ll be on my home built fixie too.
I don’t mind adding some public transport in the mix too if it’s safer and easier.

You’re riding a fixed gear bike and you want a “safer and easier” route? Sounds like you need a hybrid mate.
Otherwise just get out there before you start the job and try different routes for yourself.


This? Replace the bad bits with good bits.

If you work at a hospital follow this plan:

step 1: ride your bike
step 2: get knocked down by a crazy motorist
step 3: call for an ambulance (000)
step 4: catch ambo to work

simple plans work best :evil:

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Why, what a large commute you have. Biggest problem with Chermside is there is one road in and one road out. Gympie Rd. I have never found it too bad once you get past Bowen Bridge Rd cause its multi lane. But everyone has different traffic tolerances.

Logan Rd, Balaclava St, Ipswich Rd/ Mains Rd/Bradfield Highway, Story Bridge, Bowen Bridge Rd, Gympie Rd. Done.

Worst part is obviously Ipswich → Bowen Bridge. Could do most of Ipswich/ Mains on the foot path if you don’t like playing in traffic, but some traffic light waiting will slow the process. Also more glass.

Is my only option for you.


Bradfield Highway is the shortest Highway in Australia. :sunglasses:

wow I’ll remember that next time :cry:

thank you to the others for the help though
what about ride, train and then ride again?
could I do that?


[quote="shortsie "]

It’s only 17.8kms bro, man up.

ok so right I’ll start riding it tomorrow on my ‘very heavy mtb’ at 42 front x 17 back and see what happens…spew I reckon :expressionless:
See how long it takes me and leave 30 minutes for a shower at the other end and ‘extras’

Who has what on their bikes for night time riding?

Lights-wise I always get paid out for looking like a Christmas tree, but I think it is effective so fuck it. I have two lights on front and two on back, plus helmet front and rear. All are cheap LED elastic ones. Small but stupidly bright! My lights are to attract attention, not for seeing where I am going.


If you can see well enough while riding, those simple battery operated clip on lights work well enough. In this case, you only need to alert others of your presence and not light up the road. Try to find those that use LEDs instead of halogen bulbs. The LEDs are brighter and the batteries last much much longer.

I usually have at least one of my lights on blinking mode as they tend to attract more attention than non-blinking. Also, having two lights front or rear gives much better depth perception for others looking at you than just a single one. Something to consider.

If you have some spare cash… get some AY-UPs. I have them for night single track riding and they are the shit.

All you would need is the Multisport pack @ $270 bucks. Tiny lights, massive output.

Stupid post mate
I was beinf serious about being ‘seen’ and ‘avoided’

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This guy did a good roundup of DIY options -

The Fat Hippy had some good DIY stuff that is now only available in archives:

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but HTFU anyway :evil:

i was refering to this comment.

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Being seen from behind is the biggy. I run just one red, blinking LED on my roadie but I rarely ride that in the dark during summer.

If I was commuting regular tho I would run two red blinking things on the back (probably seat post + back pocket or back pack or helmet) and I would run a simple white led on front to say “hello” to cars pulling out of streets in front of you.