New Melbourne bike paths


$9.2m boost for bicycle paths

NINETEEN bicycle paths around Melbourne will be built or upgraded under a $9.2 million funding package that Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese will announce today.

The Federal Government, under its federal stimulus package, has teamed with 13 Melbourne councils to fund the new bicycle path projects; $4.4 million will come from the Federal Government and the rest from councils.

Also funded under the plan are 125 new bicycle ‘‘hoops’’, to be installed in central Melbourne so that riders have somewhere to lock their bicycles.

The projects are expected to create 250 jobs across Melbourne. Mr Albanese said the paths would encourage people to live healthier lifestyles, and would take more cars off city roads.

Bicycle Victoria chief Harry Barber welcomed the paths around the city. ‘‘It will all keep the momentum going,’’ he said.

Mr Barber’s group has also been lobbying Melbourne City Council to consider allowing cyclists to use certain wider cycle paths in key city parks. Last month, 110 cyclists were fined $250 each for riding through city gardens where bicycles are banned.

‘‘Some of those wide smooth bitumen paths [in some city parks] are perfectly appropriate to share with pedestrians,’’ Mr Barber said. ‘‘But we are not saying we want to turn every path into a racetrack.’’

Will be interesting to see where these new bike paths are…anyone know?

in the print version it told you were they were going to be.

it wasn’t very interesting though.

Be nice if some of the paths were about 250m long, oblong in shape with banked walls at either end and 5mins ride from my house … :evil:


It’s a tough life I live Stu.

anyone got a link to scope these new paths ?

I reckon you could see a couple of your bikes and build one.

fuck yeah! come on stu! disc only cost 40 million to build - that’s what, two of your bikes?