New Member from AKL, NZ: Raleigh Ti, NZ Made J.Foster Pursuit

Hi to all, my friend nacnud has been telling me about this forum, so here I am, join in and posting up couple of my bikes.

Raleigh Ti
Campy Pista wheels
Campy Record cranks, headset
Campy aero seatpost
Cinelli stem, bars, cages
Gipiemme pedals
Iscaselle Giro d’Italia saddle
Toshi doubles

Just put this one together a few days ago, not quite finished yet. Will update photo and specs upon completion.

NZ made J.Foster Custom Pursuit
Dura Ace 10 Pitch cranks, chainring
Dura Ace 10 Pitch lockring, chain
Dura Ace stem, seatpost
Dura Ace EX headset
H+Son TB14 x Dura Ace 10 Pitch rear wheel
Campy Khamsin 650c disc
Selle Italia Flight saddle
Nitto RB021 bullhorn
MKS pedals
Soma cages, straps

Any feedbacks would be appreciated!

hmm, what’s with you guys and your fucking amazing bikes

Hey Jody, the foster is looking awesome.

Very jealous of the 10pitch!

Fukk. Nice raliegh

holy sheep! incredible rides. very jealous.

Oh you’ll fit in just fine here. Great bikes.


I kid. These are awesome.

Clean… very clean :slight_smile: I am sure those colours of the Raleigh Ti would look amazing outside!

feedback? Get rid of the SOMA straps on the pursuit and chuck something decent on there!

You guys sure love your crazy pursuit frames haha

Raleigh is super fine! what size?

Thanks! Got it~! Toshis and MKS cages are on the way!

52ST, 54TT off my head… I’ll remeasure later…

Man one day I’ll own a Raleigh Ti Track…

You should put some photos up of that crazy Columbus Sprint frame you have!

I’ll get the J Foster graphics sorted for you this week also

Nice. Nice. Nice.

I didn’t think there was such thing as a Dura-Ace AX headset?

That raleigh is of the charts, wow

That raleigh needs its own thread full photo’s .

oops, just checked the box, it’s Dura Ace EX headset, the one which needs the special tools for.
this is the box
Thanks for the correction!

Whats hiding in the background?

um, I’ll post it up once I’ve taped the handle bars. Hard to describe that frame to everyone though, it’s still quite mysterious…LOL

COOL~! Thanks~! It’ll be a lot more “complete” with the graphics on!

will do! SOON! once the weather clears up…

It’s the strange columbus sprint frame nacnud was talking about before. I will post it up a bit later on.

Just wondering, are you the one who my gf bought a Mission Workshop messenger off from about two weeks ago? If so, thanks for the stickers!