New Merckx Frames on Sale

A friend at work sent me this link, don’t know if these are good value or not, I’ll let you decide.

Bums On Bikes


Mostly aluminium frames from a couple of seasons ago… who rides aluminium anymore?

i think he’s having a dig at you, trigger. get him!

Ha! I bought some merckx bottle cages from them last week. The only other place I found them was a dude on ebay, they were going for over $100 for a pair

Hey I’ve got nothing against Aluminium it’s just that $1000.00 is a lot of money to pay for a Alu frameset these days.

JAMS: Your wish is my command.

hjb1000: Legends ride aluminium, and most mountain biker’s, and heaps of track riders and loads of other people, and yeah…

Road cyclists?

the guy who holds the masters hour record…
and you until recently (i believe)… the whole world hasnt gone to CF yet…

Nice work Cee-Bone