New mobile

I have the ooportunity to get a new free handset…
I’m not into twitter, facebook kind of stuff and currently my mobile is for making and taking calls and also txts…I send a shit load of txts.

These are my options
Nokia e72
Nokia 6710
Sony Aino

any recommendations?

e72. do it!

I phone’s are the best!

Fuck all the haters!!!

Why do people hate I phones so much?

had the e72, it was good but couldn’t sync with my mac.

now using iphone which (duh) works with the mac.

i actually use the iphone to access my computer remotely during meetings and crap, so yeah it’s good.

Because everyone that owns one thinks they freaking invented it. :stuck_out_tongue:

iPhones are the fixed gear bicycle of mobile phones.

“look at this sweet app, brah.”



If you only want to call and text, an iphone might be overkill for your needs.

if you want a phone to use the internet on also, the iphone is the bottom of the barrel.

credit where credit is due, market something shit to retards and they will still buy it in droves.

My wife has an iPhone and loves it. She is not a tech head AT ALL.
Only problem I see with iPhone is the size…it’s just too big.

Nokia e72 I think might be the go…might be just as big too though

Check out the Motorola GP328

Just like ‘fixies’?!!

you cold wait for the new google phone, apparently its pretty sick

i phone!

I have a theory that Apple is an evil company, something about the company makes me really angry. Not totally sure why though…

Anyone with one talks about apps and gimmicks, and doesnt care about actual handset functions or how useful it is on the mobile network they use.
No one with an iphone ever comes up and says ‘oh this menu is so user friendly and i can read and reply to my sms/emails much quicker than i could with my previous phone. and data speeds are so amazing etc etc’
its all about ‘mannn, look at my lighter application!!’ ‘babe, i like totally have the chanel application on my iphone!!’

I will never own an iphone.

i only know one person who uses an iphone to the fullest of it abilities. he teaches drums and runs a business. every one of his apps is relative to that. if every iphone user was like him, i wouldnt care.

i don’t know anyone who uses their phone to the fullest of its abilities. iphone or not.

i have an old sony ericsson K750i and the best thing about it is the LED torch on the back. the camera’s fucked, the internet on it doesn’t work and occasionally people can’t hear me.

but i use the torch alllllll the time. i cop a fair bit of shit for it but it really does come in handy. when it does finally shit itself i’ll probablt just buy a torch, but until then. if any of the phones you mentioned comes with a torch, get that one!!

or download a torch app (i bet there is one!!) :smiley:

i just said torch a lot :stuck_out_tongue: