New plan may let CA cyclists ignore traffic stops

Month old news but a great idea…

The state of Idaho changed its law, and now California is considering the same idea. The vehicle code would be modified to allow what’s known as a “stop and roll.” Bicyclists could treat stop signs as yield signs instead, and red lights as stop signs.

Wouldn’t mean much to some of us I spose apart from making it legal :smiley:

That’s just cause the Idaho hipsters can’t trackstand.

I think this is a great idea. I believe this is the most sensible way to legislate.

don’t they have that strange law in america where you can turn right through a red light if it’s clear? sounds crazy to me, though i guess you save money on traffic lights or something

this is true. i find myself ‘accidently’ doing this here all the time. heh (cept turning left instead of right)…

That could get confusing at the four way stop signs here in Vancouver!

Stupid things. Everyone gets to them and sits still waiting for someone else to move (in cars anyway)

Cyclists still go bombing through them.

they have something similar in sydney too, i think.