New PM starts off day with a bike ride

Yes we have a new PM. I don’t like politics, I don’t care who you voted for and it isn’t why I created this thread. I just saw this on and had to have a bit of a giggle at his choice of helmet.

If he took his shirt off he’d have more in common with Horatio than is safe imo

Hey, let’s not call Horatio into disrepute.

tony abbott is the ultimate hubbard. the hubbard king.

So who else clicked the picture thinking it was a video? :stuck_out_tongue:

So he’s going to run the country, but can’t figure out how to adjust his helmet straps?

I say we lobby HARD for a fringe benefits tax concession on bicycles used for ‘commuting’, like the one for cars used for ‘business’. I’d imagine even a lot of low income earners could afford to salary sacrifice a pretty bangin’ new bike.

Isn’t there a similar scheme in the UK? Sounds alright to me. My employer has a $300 healthy lifestyle bonus for purchasing active lifestyle food. It’s quite nice.



Solid, possible idea.

It’s not as if there’s much to damage.

Guy on left has earnt that yellow jersey. I can tell.

What has been seen, can not be unseen…

Was thinking the same thing.

Bet he doesn’t shave his legs

Stolen from All Hail The Black Market. Is relevant.

HMC will fkn love this.

I have one these sitting on my desk, bought it a while ago and just remembered I have it.