New Polo Product Offer/Review

Looking to get some feedback on a product i’ve been selling for sometime; Dyma TT Discs.

If you’re interested and live close to Mentone, Victoria, leave a message in this thread with a description of riding/competitions your involved in and i’ll PM a couple of you regarding a free set.

Sample image of product:

Additional information:
Purchases link


Definitely keen on this! (I don’t play polo, just want to do a sweet big swirl on my wheel cause it’d be rad and I can’t afford/justify a proper disc)

Wow this looks good, I want this shit for the same reason as lemontime does, to impress all the pretty lemontime style ladies out there.
No seriously I want some brooo
Gizz us some yo

Also I just read your actual post, and yeah I live close to mentone.
My main competitiyions is looking hella flush and shit like that
I’ll just give you some money I don’t need this stuff for free
Ahhh baby I just wanna look hella flaush and shit like the scene boys in their hawwnda’s and that.
But my kumo’d be so sweet with a big fuck off disc on the back with a bunch of BBW porn stars painted on it, each eating more cake than the last

Pm antmandan he is a polo nut and I’m sure would give you some good feedback also try rangdog he is just as much a pOlo nut and an industrial designer,
I’m sure they would have a good look over it if u have a couple of samples spare.

I have a couple of mates over here that might be interested. Especially wih the polo nationals being here in Perth next year.

Rangdog just got voted Brisbane’s 2011 MVP (Male). He also dishes out some serious punishment to his bike so I’m sure he’d appreciate a set. Hit him up via Brisbane Outdoor Gear | Messenger Bags, Courier Bags, Backpacks, Straps, Bike Accessories

I’d love to check it out, though unfortunately in Sydney (polo player and industrial designer). Is it Polypropylene sheet? Always wanted to know how that’d go.

What sort of cake?

These look nice but one of our Radelaide polo peeps is doing them in fibres glass & crabon.
Sounds like possums fightin’ on a tin roof if your put them on your polo bike.

@Mr. Dylan - what happen to the Team Bukake disc option?

You nos this, right? Right !?!>!!

"Actually, that is a misconception. The urban myth purports that the practice originated in feudal Japan as a method of punishing women who had committed adultery. "

i’ve seen these on ebay i think they are a good alternative to home brew wheel covers for polo im totes retarded at making them. GC studs would put them to the test

do they come with kevlar reinforcement?

Something colour-coordinated with her undergarments.

WOW that is awesome!
I mean, not super awesome, and I don’t understand why it’s a punishment, but whatevers!

PURCHASED! Gonna paint the shit out of this thang, oooooh yeah.

How’d it turn out mate?

Send me an email if anyone else wants a set, 25% off during February

Subject: DYMA25 to with your Zip Code and Country

Two guys scored the free sets, one from Russia!

Yo, my legit review

I bought one of these
Thought it would be cool, it’s not.

It’s noisy as shut riding over bumps or curbs or anything,
not ‘cool noisy’ but uncool ‘my bike is breaking’ kinda noisy.

Its a big fin to get caught by the wind,
I thought there may be a slipstreaming effect, nup.
made it harder to pedal fast, harder to pedal slow…

Riding with a dymaTT disc, I actually wished I just had an open wheel because I would be able to go faster and easier and wouldn’t be dragging a large noisy banging dustbin lid drum hipster tool bag ankle weight.

In summary,

If anyone wants to buy mine, $80 including a silver 32h alexrims fixed wheel with cog+lokring & freewheel
Plus tire and tube. Give it a test and review it yourself

Ps; Dyl I’ll give u like %25 off cause u r my best frnd on fxd. $60!!!

Cheers for the feedback. This doesn’t sound right, mind sending me a photo of how it’s been fastened? Did you try the noise reduction step on the instructions?

Aerospoke, would like to offer you a free set of the new model as a sign of good will.

If you are interested, shoot me a PM with your P.O Box address, or home address and I will send you one through.

Note: New SL model has is as quiet as a mouse and has a new fastening method. Images below.

Hi mate, yeah im keen to give it a go,
But id be after two sets to cover both the front and rear wheels for elite track time trial styles.
If your happy to ship em to my new adress in UK I’ll pm you now.
Look forward to reviewing em
Plus get some sik photos outside London bike cafe hipster joints for ya.