New Project - Unknown frame etc.

Hey guys,
Picked this up on the weeknd from a freind. Unsure what the frame is, no apparent stickers or anything. Running campy cranks and shimano RSX gears. I am guessing early 90’s. i like the colour, its got character. The bike has been ridden around the sunny coat so there is abit of sand and surface rust around but i can fix that.
Havent really looked much into depth at what its got on it but this a brief list.

Frame: UNKNOWN :?
Fork: Unknown (nice and chromey though :-P) needs a clean
Seat: Turbo (got a spare black one aswell)
Headset: Campagnolo
Stem: ITM Condor
Bars: Road drops
Brakes: Campagnolo
Gears: Shimano RSX
Cranks: Campagnolo (52 & 4o something)
Wheels: Shimano 105 (90’s model)
Rear cassette/Derailor: Shimano RSX100

What to do with it?

  1. Pull apart
  2. Clean Clean Clean, remove surface rust with (Oxalic Acid. Removing rust from Chrome the very best way! -
  3. Take of Braze-on’s and repaint (I like the green so i’ll give it a fresh coat)
  4. New Flip-Flop Wheelset + Riser bars

ANY THOUGHTS?? IDEAS OF FRAME?? if you need more detailed pics i’ll grab them asap. This will be MY first build so i am excited.

want to sell the spare black turbo?

woops, above post by samuel was me in his account.