new ride

put it together today and just took it for a whirl. so far, so good.

Funky stuff, love the hubs

Very clean and sharp.

Nice work.


I demand Specs

58cm square bates frame - 531 tubing or something
dura ace 36 holes hubs, white deep v rims
moser forks
mks pedals
toshi straps
chain made of some sort of steel
chainring from johnny at cycle underground
chris headset
nitto risers, dunno what type, similar to the ones des has
nitto i-beam stem (think that’s what they’re called)
soyo long grips
campy seatpost
arione saddle (soon to go back on my red)
superbe cranks and bottom bracket

thrown together today, whilst listening to oren ambarchi, voivod, inxs and some twee pop that my houemate was playing.

thanks to johnny at cycleunderground, evan at cyclic for the headset help and dan at shifter for the wheels

Classic style…loven’ it. I’d kill to find a lugged steelie in 60+cm’s to pull off something similar. Congrats.

hey ev, i know where he lives. :evil: