New Rider

Hi all,

I went searching for an ‘introduce yourself’ thread for Canberra and couldn’t find anything. I hope that no one minds me starting fresh!

Hi I am Luke and stumbled across this forum while searching for Canberra fixie communities! I have picked up a '11 Mongoose Maurice and have started exploring the bike paths around Canberra.

Anyway…I have a few questions that hopefully you all would be happy to answer!

  • What would be the best cycle store to take in my fixie and ask for advice on parts?
    I definitley would love to upgrade the Maurice to make it look the part, but more importantly I want to get as much use out of the bike before I upgrade to another one. I am based in the Woden around if that helps!

  • Would you recommend any upgrades for my bike so I can enjoy riding around Canberra more? Everything is stock at the moment :slight_smile:

  • Do any of you use Strava? Would anyone be able to recommend any tracks that I could have a go at as a beginner? I am currently exploring around the Curtin/Narabundah area, and have gone down towards Mawson as well.

Thanks in advance! I will appreciate any replies!

Hey Luke,
welcome to FOA and Canberra.
This is a pretty comprehensive map of Canberra’s cycle paths
The paths between Woden-Tuggeranong and Weston Creek-Tuggernanong are pretty decent in terms of grade and length, if that’s what you’re in to. Otherwise around Lake Burley Griffin is scenic and flat.

I don’t think you need anything special for riding here, except for foot retention if you’re riding fixed.
I haven’t had extensive experience with LBSs around here but I do know there’s a few just south of Woden mall; On The Rivet seemed to have a decent selection of stock from the 10 minutes I was in there the other day. A quick google will give you a more in depth overview of people’s experiences.

Head to Callahan Cycles at Londsdale Street Traders.
He will sort you out for upgrades, maintenance and repairs.

was looking through the window on Sunday. looks like a nice little shop with some nice parts!

He is gradually building up a nice stock, and what he doesn’t have, I’m sure he can get for you

Thanks for the speedy replies.

I am looking to change my tyres to a thicker width, so will have to sus out Callahan’s.

Thanks again,

Welcome. West basin of the lake is a nice cruise and plenty of wildlife. If you want harder, head up mt Stromlo or red hill. I’ve been going to TLC bikes in Phillip. Nothing flash but friendly and they dropped the price on something when I mentioned the internets price. Hope to see you round

Thanks Tally, I had a look in the shop next door to subway in Phillip (name escapes me)…spoke to them about changing to a wider wheel which should be good.

Had a look through the cycle path map so have a few routes planned out…now just to get fit!

Hey Luke! It’s Liam - never thought I would see you here! GO KNIGHTS!
When I get back we will talk about getting you all sorted with the bike. For now, just keep riding!

Hey Liam - I noticed that you post on every thread on this forum, do you do any work? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday will see you when you get back…this week yeah!?