New Ridley Helium 5.3kg

so only ‘skilled’ people can ride high end bikes?

and only good looking people can wear nice brands?

and only racers can buy sports cars?

and only cooks can eat at fine dining restaurants?

Reckon this thread is just about cooked.

<prod, prod>

Yep. It’s neither rare nor well done.

i don’t really give a fuck about all this shit, but i was pretty stunned to see a guy crash his pinarello with zipps at hawthorn crits last week, then watch on as he looked on with amazement when someone straightened out his bent hoods.

he had no idea that the hoods/brifters attached to the bars via a clamp that could be moved on the bars.

now that shit is fucked up.

edit - blakey locked this while i was typing, so i’m leaving this here.