new roadie decision time

soooo, after my beerquest bashfest i’m gonna get a new roadie.

looked about the place and I seem to be swamped with options, good and bad I guess.

it’ll mainly be weekend stuff, group rides and that, probs around the 100km, maybe up to 200km, can’t see myself doing any racing, i’m about 180cm, 96kg, budget is around $2000, $2500 max for something awesome, i’m not a weight weenie, alloy, carbon, mixture, not fussed, a few shops suggested 105 would be sufficient for my needs,

i think i’m leaning away from steel on this because i want something that i can take anywhere, and not worry about weather/conditions and i would like to start another build, sunny sunday special.

any thoughts on these would be greatly appreciated:

  1. looked around the second hand world, wondering what i should be looking out for in a second hand carbon frame? structural integrity?

  2. the “china specials” from ebay/alibaba, has anyone built one up? heard that they can have odd sized bearings and replacement parts are nigh on impossible? one of these with sram force and reasonable parts may be achieved for around $2000?

  3. seems to me at this stage i’m making be a decision between:

new - assured integrity, lower end parts
second hand - questionable frame, better parts

  1. after a few shop visits, i am leaning towards this… putting aside its tamponic nature, can do it for just over $2000, and i’m thinkin its a good buy, any thoughts?
    also looked at this, caad 8 2012, for about $1600 seems good value too


If you’re not looking for a style statement but you want a decent, serviceable ride you won’t go wrong with either of those.

low km second hand can net you a serious bargain, you really need to know what you want though, it’s the hardest part

carbon wil be more comfortable on long rides but is not so wise second hand… chinese carbon… hmm well its a bit of a dice roll

Weight Weenies • View topic - A warning on Chinarellos

Giant is king of taiwan bikes, you buy!
You buy now!

I like those Giants (for value)… and the current 105 on those is better than 6600 ultegra so I think it would be a good buy.

Don’t shy away from steel because you feel like it’d be precious, quite the contrary actually. A lot of people on here and myself included have thrown modern groups on old steelies and they’re awesome. Great way to get a top of the line parts wise build for sub 2500/3000.
The forza elite? With electronic ultegra was about 2600?? From the new site competing with wiggle and alike that I’ve forgot the name of, anyone remember? Sorry that’s vague.

the current 105 on those is better than 6600 ultegra

really? your opinion or more consensus?

Don’t shy away from steel

i want to get a steel roadie (hopefully a Rossin) and build it up, but at the moment i think i just want to get something that is ready to go immediately, out injured at the moment and i’m getting cabin fever bad, want to get it and jump straight on!

forza elite? With electronic ultegra

forza with electronic ultegra, still have lots to learn about bikes and maintenance, not gonna learn much from them will i?

The 2012 CAAD8 is rad for the $1599 price tag. I built one up today in the Black/Red and they look the goods, a great value bike with room to improve on the components as you wish.
Spending the $1599 on that will allow you room within your budget for a good wheel/saddle/brake caliper upgrade and a set of pedals/shoes (if you need them).
Yeah you could find a cheaper bike somewhere, but atleast you can buy all of this as a package through a shop and be assured warranty/servicing etc.

EDIT: and now that I think of it, Specialized dealers are doing a cool bonus package on selected 2011 stock where instead of dropping their pants when it comes to price on their '11 stuff, they are including a bundle pack of Specialized gear.
If you are looking to spend about $2000 you can get a Secteur Comp (limited sizes) with full 105 for $1999 plus a bundle pack of a Propero Helmet, Rib Cage bottle holder, Pro Road shoes and maybe a coupld of extra bits… I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Oooh yeah that’s right, I was offered $300 specialized shoes and a $300 specialized helmet for $300 the other day. Get onnnnn that shit.

Edit: Might’ve been $400 stuff, I don’t remember

yep, there are different size bundle packs assigned to respective models.

Its a decent budget. And like Sugarkane says, you can get a great 2nd hander for that. Just saw an Argon 18 Gallium w/ Sram Red and Reynolds Assaults go for just over 2k, with low kms. That is a deal (and resale shouldn’t drop too much)

Just on chinese crabon:
Plenty of people around the world have bought chinese carbon, me included (and a lot of other forum members). I have only got positive things to say about mine. Just be aware that, like mass produced bikes, not all chinese crabon is made even - I got mine from hong fu and am stoked with it. They are easy to deal with and provide a 2 year warranty. If you buy a copy off ali baba or from somewhere where the seller has no idea about the frame, then you are asking for it. Google search is your friend as is common sense.
In relation to hong fu / deng fu I really doubt that they are any more questionable than other mass produced frames and that the incidence of failure is no higher.

On the downside, if you went down that route you would need to source parts and build it up yourself. I did it because I had all the parts ready to go, only needed a frame and didn’t want to drop 2-3k on a frame alone. If I was in your position I would probably buy online new or second hand.

i’ve never ridden a CAAD but everything i’ve read about them has been positive. i know sime and aeons_of_flat both have one.

if you’re tempted by the no-name carbon but worried about reliability, plenty of places resell them at a modest cost increase but with full warranties. eg Verite Team Ultegra Carbon <a bargain if you’re not a brand snob.

where was that?

just spied a deal on bikeexchange that blows the budget to smithereens, think its overkill though so might have to reel it in a bit cadel

$2,500 is a lot of money (to me at least). I’d want to get the most out of it. Therefore I’d buy separate and build it up myself. Probably steel frame with Sram Force, like greenmachine’s Greg Lemond. Not sure about hubs but Open Pros are good enough and can always upgrade with better hand built wheels if I have the cash in the future.

Don’t rush it man, it’ll be worth it!

IF you buy a BMC, you’ll get thought of as a bandwagoner. Given your budget, it would be best to stick with a larger manufacturer, who can load better value into lower-priced bikes. Someone like specialized, giant, felt, cannondale etc. Most of the guys in this thread know what they’re talking about in that respect.
The advantage of buying a bike from a shop and not building one up yourself, is that you can’t buy wrong, incompatible parts, and you get to ride the bike and see what its like. There is also just something so cool about buying a bike from a shop - it makes you feel 10 years old again.
Good luck, I’m interested in what you buy.

Deal, steal, sale of the fucking century…

Azzurri Forza Ultegra Di2 Pro

I had one of these until upgraditis got the better of me.

BH Speedrom Ultegra

yep the bmc is outta my range, so i’ll stick with the budget, going to check out some specialized this morning, see what they are doing with this gift of gear promo

This is also a good deal
BMC Road Racer SL01 Naked
Just read your last post, disregard this.

Go the Di2, just so I can have a ride of it :slight_smile:

C6. There’s deals going around sub-$2500 (even as low as $2k if you look). Ultegra 6700, Ksyrium Equipe wheels, FSA bits.