new roadie decision time

I forgot to mention that this was an awesome bike and is well worth the money. In fact at that price I am considering getting one for my wife

if you plan on doing the kind of riding i’m thinking of, it might be worth looking into something with a bit more performance-styled geo rather than race geo i.e longer stays, taller headtube for more upright position. cannondale synapse, or similar styled bikes were recommended for my riding, but i guess it all comes down to the best deal you can get at the time.

A mate of mine bought theCannondale Synapse last week for around $2000 for that exact reason. A more relaxed geo, built for sportives rather than races.

Think I’m going to be in this market just after xmas too - so interested in all the suggestions. Know a few people riding CAAD 9’s and loving them.

Might have been here - seem to offer some decent deals on some of the BMC bikes too.

yeah looked at the specialised roubaix today, can always get a wicked rise stem later if i want to be more prepared for headbutting things, is that “the kind of riding i’m thinking of”? haha, but it was suggested the differences may not be that noticable to me, being fairly inexperienced, and plus i still want to look hardcore, pursuit style track stem maybe will be added, or maybe shirts can sell me that black thing?

There is no better bang for buck than chinese carbon. That is, if you have the mechanical know-how and tools to build it yourself.

And the questionable nature of chinese carbon is a myth in my opinion. There are reputable sellers like dengfu and hongfu that are excellent. There are literally hundreds of posts on roadbikereview and elsewhere to read and settle on a good frame from a reputable seller.

I have a chinese carbon frame from dengfu. It is awesome. As was said above, dengfu and hongfu and some other good chinese sellers provide warranties on their frames. I read of a number of instances where people have got full replacement frames shipped with an absolute minimum of hassle. And they’re amazing to deal with … direct responses to questions via email within a couple of hours. In fact I found dengfu far easier to deal with than most local sellers in Australia. In my opinion the good sellers are aware of their questionable reputation and are working hard at customer service. My frame was shipped to my door within 5 days of ordering it for $450. And payment was via Paypal, so there is reasonable cover there.

As for replacement parts, you can order these from the seller when you get your frame. They supply cable guides, replacement dropouts and barrel adjusters. Get a bunch to last the lifetime of the frame. And what do you mean by bearings? They take standard headsets and bottom brackets.

I’ve seen bikes on ebay with full 7900 group and very few k’s go for well under $2000. If I had the coins I’d be buying one of those then shopping round for a mx-leader or getting something custom made and swapping the frame out.

Scottridesabike - lookatme, lookatme, lookatme. I’ve got one word for you Scotty, … Oppy.
Oppy C6 2010, Medium Frame | eBay

I’ll put a sales pitch on ya.

Im running my mates shop for a few weeks while he is away on h/moon.

I have one left of these.

Trek Madone 4.5 - 56cm

I never was a big fan of the Trek’s for some reason but now the value for money is unbeleivable.

I got a 5.2 a few weeks back and by far the most stiffest and comfortable-est frame ive ridden.
Today I got the last 60cm 5.5 because they are too good for the money to pass up, plus
for example it was 7.2kg out of the box.

These are full carbon frame, and seat post etc.
New 105 shifters/derailieurs etc.

yours for $2000 neat!

If I have to box it up and ship it, easy done.

0414 840 454

couple of people (one mechanic) have said that headset parts may be odd sizes, probably more worried about talking me out of it so i’d buy from his store.
my mechanical know how isn’t great, tools particularly not my strong point so i think i’ll steer away from them for now

I just picked up a used 2011 Specialized Tarmac SL3 (Carbon frame/fork w Ultegra) for $2100 found on ebay, but bought privately/locally.
It is also my first roadie and I had the same budget as yourself. The bikes only done around 3000kms and well looked after. The guy sold it to upgrade to SRAM Red or Dura ace, I got a bargain!

Scott, buy that 4.5 from Goose.

You are pushing your luck this late in the season to find anything on special that will rival that bike, especially in such a common size as a 56cm.
Buying from a store will also give you the benefit of warranty and ongoing servicing.

If it fits that trek is a good price and a good bike. I loved my USA made cadd 8 back in the day and I am sure the new ones are just as good but I would be upgrading the brakes if they are not shimano straight up. Another basic roadie I have bought in the past and I would look at the again at would be the meridas very completive prices good geo’s you can throw them hard into the corners I have found.

gonna check it out today

sooo… i’ve test ridden a few.

2012 Giant TCR Advanced 3

  • full 105
    2011 Trek Madone 4.5
  • 105/600 cranks/tektro brakkes
    2011 Specialised Tarmac
  • rode the ultegra, but would get the apex spec
    2011 Cannondale Super 6
  • 105/600 cranks/tektro brakes

and then there were two, the Tarmac and the TCR. somebody said to me, friends don’t let friends ride giants. oh well. both were great to ride.
TCR has higher spec cranks/brakes, preferred saddle, lighter wheelset, (i think @ 1775gm)also looks pretty rad IMO, ant+ sensor built in, digital shift group ready (upgrade/resale value)
Tarmac, isn’t a giant, slightly more comfortable, i’ve always liked the graphics… seriously is that what it’s coming down to? maybe i’ll repaint the giant with specialized stickers?
can’t get the Giant geo chart, so hard to compare numbers there.
both shops were really great to deal with, took some time, didn’t put the sell on, TCR @ Tom Wallace and Tarmac @ Epic Cycles, Tom Wallace is a fair bit closer to home though, for those in brisbane i’m in northgate.
i know i’ll be wanting to upgrade first up brakes, maybe cranks, possibly saddle on the tarmac, but i don’t think i’ll get to that point as quickly with the TCR, the TCR appears to be a smart choice, the tarmac is the “don’t get a giant” choice, considering this is a budget driven purchase

i think it’ll be the giant.

long live the king mr_dylan

are there holes in my decision making process? all the suggestions so far have been great cheers

Mate, you narrowed it down to 2, and then realized you were thinking that option B is only better than option A because heaps of people have option A?
Haha. Belly button bike. Everyone’s got one. But for good reason.

B was not better than A because it was not A, it just got a point in its favor in the comparison

So, plus that point it still wasn’t better? Haha I’m just fucking around. I rude a $2000 fuji and I love it, whatever you buy is gonna be fucking sweeeet for 2k.

yes indeed, they’re both great bikes