New safety product

Want to be seen on yur sweeeat fixay?

Product of the week.

LOL! HLC should get these for shuffling!

oh fuck yeah I need these

HA HA HA omg want

Fvckin’ shuffler !!!


$10 plus $6 postage, doesn’t make it such a bargain catch really.

I love these I swear if they come in red you will totally see sime girlie tying them around her hair at cabaret nocturne within like 4 weeks
Fuck I miss that place! Idk where it’s even held Amy more, Mercat cross maybe? Idl, I remember hitting on this super transvestite though, idk I thought she was cute in a ‘heavily featured’ kinda way, then my friend John points oit I was ‘doing it worng’

quality dylan posts tonight

I am feeling special tonight, wearing knee high socks and there’s no lights on

we can all relate :confused:

guy at the end in the white hoody is the best. apart from the poorly executed final attempt at throwing his hood on/off. The first two times were sharp.

Shit I though I had your christmass present now you know what it is, that shuffling reminds me of when traffic lights would set my mates off at 10 the next morning.

I didn’t make it to the end but I must confess to doing my time some 20+ years ago :wink:

If anyone is still interested and wants a better deal, found this on Fleabay.
Fashion Super Bright LED Light Disco Shoelaces Glow Fun | eBay

There are lots of sellers with free shipping.

I did go to a party a few years ago and we were on the dance floor doin our thing and a much older gentleman came in and said he’d been shuffling since before we wore diapers and pretty much schooled us all.

It ruled.