**NEW** SE Bikes

Hey dudes,

Just stumbled across the new Se Range (http://www.sebikes.com/Singlespeed.aspx)whilst surfing the net.
I reckon the SE Draft Lite & Lager look pretty sweet for off the shelf bikes.
Draft Lite is on $519 from Pedal Plus Online + Postage. Not bad for anyone wanting to get into the fixie game i reckon… Any thoughts…


Crap… at least the Lager has sealed bearings!

The Premium Ale has (wait for it…)

A top tube pad included!

If you get one you have to put up with that frustrating track geometry…

user heavymetal had a pretty bad experience with pedalsplus just this week. he way want to share…

indeed i might!

as you know, i had a nasty crash the other week, wrote off my bewdiful blue track frame with the shit-hot lugwork :cry:

i need a bike i can lock up that doesnt scream “steal me”, so thought id get a fuji track, and pedals plus had em nice and cheap.

when i picked it up, they “didnt have time” to fit my brake, even though they promised they could. whatevs, so i’ll ride it home brakeless.
get it outside, get on, and the cranks do 1 1/2 revolutions without the wheels moving…
cog and lockring werent even finger tight… had to take it back inside TWICE before it was done right. went straight to another bike shop, bought a lock ring tool and fixed it myself.
and the seat tube was dented…
wrote a nasty letter to the manager and got a reply. he was pretty cool about, but still. so fucking unsafe. the mechanic at the shop told me it was normal for the cog to spin a bit when you first rode the bike… i told him in no uncertain terms that IT IS NOT NORMAL.

so yeh
incompetent mechanics.

but it boxed and build it yrself. i wish i had. less hassle in the long run.

thats fucked. yeah i never have bought anything from them personally. did the manager credit you for the top tube dent or anything?

nah, as i got the last one in 49 cm (yeh, im short) he offered a full refund and 20% off any ss/fixed bike. nice offer, but i wanted the fuji track, so bugger it. he reckoned hed informed me of a scratch on the frame via phone, but id never spoken to him, and it was a dent, not a scratch… so.

i like the bike, i was just shitty about the shitty mechanic work.

and btw, the wheelset on these cheapies is rubbish. upgrade immediately…

what do people think of these?

I’m looking at things around the $900 range and this on sale doesn’t seem too far off what I’m looking for.

I’d keep it pretty much stock for a while and use it mainly to commute, (making sure to go over it with a fine tooth comb before riding after hearing about heavymetal’s experience :-o )
after the warranty was over, I’d be keen to mod things a little?

Oh they aren’t that bad for your average shmo.
My girl has been riding a second hand stock fuji wheel set everyday rain hail and shine for 18 months and they still spin just fine.

yeh, just being a snob… looking at the wheels again, theyre not terrible, but the tyres sure are.
2 weeks in on the fuji and i really like it. except for a chain ring which is frustratingly-not-round, meaning tight/loose spots. a little annoying. but a good excuse to get a CU chainring :smiley:

I’ve heard some very not so nice comments about the tubing and quality of the Se frames and accompanying parts. from people who had seen and looked them over (shop mechs who had an understanding of what happens to track bikes when ridden on the streets).

it put them a definite step below the fuji/khs/spicers/pistas of the world.

so is the fuji a better idea? even the $600 one as opposed to the $1000 one? are they easy enough to come past in 61cm or so?

I really want a bike built from this stuff though: http://alienbikes.com/gear.html :oops:

i can also attest to the shodiness of pedals plus…stiffed one of my friends on the price of a lager…only for said friend to then go home and buy it off the net from them at 120 cheaper…stoopid…have treated me in equally good and poor measures…
I find it hard to take my bike to a shop and leave with full confidence that it will be done correct…
its about time i learnt it myself.