new setup

Just got my frame back from paint.
Still waiting on my cranks, seat post, seat to arrive from Japan.

The front tyre will be changed to black, and the rim also painted black.

Will update when parts arrive.

thats a kooky front wheel you got there. what is it?

It is a Rigida carbon spoke wheel with a carbon hub


the white and powder blue always looks nice.

are they Vittoria Zaffiro’s?

I’ve seen those go pst on roadies quite a few times. They look shit hot whilst spinning. A little weird when standing still though.
How does it hold up? Is it the kind of wheel you could abuse on a daily commute or the kind of wheel you need 10 spares of trailing you in a car with a coach a medic 4 spare bikes some energy bars.

hey guys,
wheel is not tubular and those are Vittoria Zaffiro’s.

As for the wheel, I haven’t done much riding on it yet although my step use to ride a lot in the city on one and highly recommend it. Road his for 4 years not breaks.


awsome, whole setup looks nice and clean. what sort of frame is that?

It is a Pake frame, nothing special but it will be good for the street.

Other components going into the build are
Sugino 75 cranks
Sugino 75 BB Super Lap
Nitto seat post

Should have the build finished over the next couple of weeks, just waiting on parts.


Have you ever ridden a Kashimax?

Just a suggestion- I wouldn’t recommend using a cup and cone BB like the Sugino for the street- dirt, grit and water will quickly affect it. Get a Phil Wood sealed bearing BB for just a bit more than the super lap (how long do you think those polished races will remain polished on the street? :|)
On the track fine, but on the street no. My 2 cents.

I’m gonly getting the super lap because I got a crazy discount on it, pretty much half price.

The phil wood BB, do you have a link to them that I could take a look at?

The Kashimax… not a seat to be used on long rides…
I collect and ride old school bmx’s so solid seats are no big deal anymore.
I also have the seat in the first photos if it becomes a problem.


OK cool. Wouldn’t want you to get a nasty surprise.

Personally I probably wouldn’t use a 75 BB either but if the BB shell isn’t cutout and you either don’t ride in heavy rain or you clean the BB races regularly, you should be ok.

Talk to Lyn - top gear



Ask Steve about running a Phil BB with the Sugino 75s.

Phil BB with 75’s works great.

I got my BB from Abbotsford.

How much was the BB if you don’t mind me asking


i don’t remember the costs, not cheap.

i just dropped the bike off and got them to supply and fit it.