new setup

You got the matching rear hanging around gathering dust?

yeh, ive seen your year 10 formal photos…

The rear is on another bike, sorry.

If I come across another on I will let you know.

Jeeez, thats a long ride… :evil:

yeah I was impressed… :smiley:

Added some carbon bars and stem.

Will be using this set up for longer rides and the riser bar for fun times!

My cranks, BB, chain ring should arrive today! fingers crossed

like it all sans the bars.

The bars are not my favourite, they were free though.

Until I get my other stem, I will have to use these bars everyday.

They look a bit wack but they are comfy to ride.

You should wear these when you ride it…

painted my old bmx to match my air max’s

So I might have to haha

Hmmm nice to look at.

Hey guys,
I don’t have the tools to finish off this bike.

How much would it cost to get a bike store to put the BB in and put on my cranks?


Buy the BB tool and do it yourself. They only cost $10ish for a cheap one. To put the cranks on all you need is an 8mm allen key.

I’d expect a shop to charge $25+ to put a BB and cranks on.

I have never replaced a BB, so I would prefer if someone could do it and I can see how it is done.
Once I know how I will buy the tool and do it myself.


This may shed some light…

Yeah read that…

It is all good, I am hopefully dropping my bike off thursday before work.
I need it done for early saturday morning, and with work I wouldn’t have time.

Ride on Friday night ben?

I just received a very nice package at work :slight_smile:

Bike will be put together tomorrow by the ever helpful mad hippie!

Can’t wait to ride this project!

2 sets of toe straps?

The red ones are for a mates bike.
I’m not that greedy :slight_smile:

arghhh you have the same airmaxes as me, but back to the bike and more specifically the front wheel, i am guessing that these are no longer in production or something as i cant find one, so where did you get yours from and any ideas on where i could procure one of those shit hot wheels?