New Shoes...What Pedals?

ok, so i got a new pair of clipless shoes today, and wanted some advice…?
My problem is, im worried about uncliping whilst riding brakeless?
Ive heard that different pedal/cleats are better/worse then others…

Any thoughts/help?


p.s i know its been done to death(ish) and i used the search function first and couldnt find an answer to my question…

(i may just put my brake back on, but would rather not…)



I switched from SPD to Time at lunch today and Holly F*ck’n wow. Times are so much better. They feel alot more solid and un-clip so much easier when you want them too. Instantly converted. Can’t believe anyone still buys SPD’s.

On a different note. I have for sale a pair of XT SPD’s $40 plus postage incl cleats :smiley:

Another vote for time over shimano.
I do ride shimano shoes though!

excellent summary +1000

so we have established that time is good.
Road or mtb…?

ive read the atac’s are ment to be good…

I should have a pair of Time Atacs arriving in the post any day now, can’t wait to try them out.
I went for the aluminium ones since they were the cheapest, (AU$60 from wiggle UK) but if you pay about $20 more you can get the “composite” ones, I guess they’re some sort of fancy plastic, lighter weight but probably not going to last as long.
These are the mtb ones, assuming you’ve got two-bolt shoes and not road shoes…

Go for times. I’ve ridden Look, SPD and Times and times are easily my favourite. Look feel the most solid, and I never had any problems with them unclipping whilst riding brakeless. I rode SPD’s for a bit on a couple of my road bike, but wouldn’t run them on my track bike. I like my ATACs though, they feel solid like the Looks, but unclip way easier and I can walk around all day on my time cleats on MTB shoes, as opposed to look cleats in road shoes.

ATAC’s the mtb ones, every ride makes me fall more in love with them. :smiley:
Soooooo solid and the unclip sound is cool.

They also use the ATAC’s for cyclocross - they must be good.

mountain shoes = time atacs ftw.

take note of the audax riders, my son. those old blokes know their shit.

excellent for riding fixed, especially brakeless. way more control.

Forgive my ignorance…
im new to this clipless business. I bought road shoes, with a lot of holes in the bottom. theres a photo below… im assuming theres enough holes down there in the right pattern for mtb cleats…?? and yes i have realized that they will be useless for walking…

mmmmm. carbon…

Speedplay FTW. Google them. Hands down the best pedals on the market bar none.

good choice with the shoes - you can run both mountain and road cleats on them (by the looks).

Been wanting to have a crack at these for a while

Know of good place that may stock these besides Cecil Walker, probikekit has been not in stock for ages,

Wiggle have some in stock.

Do you know of a discount code for wiggle by any chance?

bsc in the city have them… saw them a couple of weeks ago

I’m sure we’d all like to know that one…