new tarck bike: Hillman?

new track bike. I got offered this frame a few years ago but didnt take the offer up, and after going thru a few different hands it’s now in my possession. was told originally that it was a Hillman, but i’ll have to pay them a visit to see if that’s fact.

61cm ST, 58cm TT (c-c)
unknown tubing, but very light.
most of the components are off my recently gotten-rid-of Bianchi.
H Plus Son rims laced to Gran Compe hubs,
Dura-Ace cranks, Fyxo chainring
MKS GR-9s, MKS clips, Pake straps
Selle San Marco saddle, no-name seatpost
Nitto B258AA bars, Oury grips, no-name stem, DiaCompe headset

Best looking tall setup i ever seen. Big grips and deep rims offset the massive frame size. Keepin things in proportion rules

Pink grips and straps work well with the khaki frame, kinda like lipstick on a hooker.

fuck you must be masssssssssssssive!!! yeah its kind of a crazy colour combination too but i dig it!

Nice ride, don’t see to many frames this size ( which is??)

Brake lever but nobrake?

Your name isn’t Kenny George is it?

nice and clean!!! are the pink oury’s by choice or just what was in stock ??

I love big frames, I’m gonna have to build a 650c fixed gear so it looks the sames

It’s kinda like being 6ft 6 and having a 1 inch dick !
Ya really wanna go there?

Nah man, not like that at all!
I’ll look like a super aero triathlete with long legs!

yeah, have to sort that one out, it only has a small hole drilled in rear of fork so have to get a new calliper.

they’re off the old bike which was very pink

Just saw you guys ride past me walking back from the city past the bot gardens those pink bits glow.

haha, i was alone. those 2 clowns behind me kept shoaling me at every red light. one of em clearly didnt know chains need to be lubricated.

What are the markings ubder the bottom bracket?

OT, but are they H+Sons on the pista???

Love the massive frame! 61/58 seems a little squishy though, looks like your stem is just long enough.