New Thomson seat posts USD$49

Make an offer of $49 and you’ll get it… good deal even when considering the $15 postage.

They’ve got heaps of good stuff going cheap. Competion for wiggle pbk?

thats a sweet deal. I’d get one if i hadn’t just bought one last week!!!

These are the cheapest I’ve seen the new Turbo seats

ive bought from the icycles main site before. good and cheap, but really limited in what they stock, and once something is gone it sometimes doesnt come back…

Great post.

Can confirm that they accept offers of $39.95

Wow, that is cheap.

I should of submitted an offer of $29.95 first.

Almost tempted to try it and hopefully grab two :sunglasses:

Group buy and save on shipping.
do it do it!!!

i’m in for a turbo if they’re that cheap and someone is getting.