New to Brisbane and looking for some info

Hello Australia,
I am from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Working here as a messenger and riding trackbikes on the street and velodrome for a while.
Probably I’m moving to Brisbane in a couple of months and I’m looking for some info. Are there messengercompanies, velodromes, shops specialized in fixies, organised alleycats or anything like that in Brisbane?
If anyone could help me with these questions: thanx!

i don’t live in brisbane, but i’m pretty sure that-
there’s a few messengers. not as many as in the other east coast cities. velodromes yes. organised alleycats yes occasionally. fixed shops, not really, but i’m sure there’s decent racing/track oriented shops. you should probably bring your own bike over because track frames are becoming more and more expensive.
hopefully someone who actually lives in brisbane looks in here and gives you some more details.

Thank you LAM, but a bit more detailed info from Brisbaners would be more than welcome. For example adresses/sites of race tracks and messenger companies.
Help me out Brizzees!

for courier companies

for cycling clubs in Queensland


there are about 12 of us in brisbane working as messengers.
if you’re looking for a job give powers a call. they have the highest turnover.
most of the others are pretty solid.
easiest way to catch up with us is to stop by post office square next to 300 queen street between edward and creek.
some of us always around.

as for a fixie specific shop, ridgeways on stafford road is probably your best bet.

when you get here, drop me a note and i’ll send you my phone number.

There are velodromes at Chandler (east) and Logan (south). Both are concrete, I think. Might be one at Caboolture (north) also.

Track information here:

Wynnum Redlands club races at Chandler on Tuesday nights:

Ridgways Cycles are extremely helpful, phone (07) 3355-9653.

Thank you people,
See you in Brisbane in a couple of months

I’ve been in Brisbane for the last few days for a lame punk/diy fest. A highlight of my trip was going to Ridgeways yesterday. The guys there were extremely helpful, and they had a bunch of cool shit that I will need soon and probably should have picked up. I rate that shop highly.

Ridgways are probably the best,its my local and everytime i need some weird piece for a bike thay have it.Paul Butler who is one of the mechanics there is a fixte/track rider so he knows the score.At the moment they have some secondhand bikes for sale if anyone is in need.

Paul is a top dude, he went out of his way to call around to find some parts for me. That sort of service is worth more than gold.

Straight to Ridgeways i’ll go when i arrive, good tips!