New to fixies looking for one? advice please

Hey all.
im new to fixies and i had the plan to convert an old repco traveller but it is going to cost too much and be too hard so i was wondering if anyone know’s where i can get a fixie (new or second hand) for under $600. i live in ascot vale, vic. if anyone can point me in the right it would be much appreciated.

cheers jake.

Hey man, I got a bike sitting around on my balcony, Powder coated “track frame”, Alex fixed/free wheels, cheapo saddle, drops, no brake, shimano 105 cranks, running 48x18 setup…

I don’t need it any more if you are interested…

what size are you after.?..

I will take photos tonight and post/email them…

And if will definately be under $500!

yeh that sounds about right.
im about 6 foot so i am looking for around a 57’’
if you could PM the photos too me it would be great.
where are you located?

Cyclic across from new market station may have something on special that tickles your fancy.

are you talking about flemington cycles?

you know where safeway is?
if you head towards new market station from the safeway carpark and go through the little tunnel, then turn left and cross the road you will see a little white store called cyclic.

oh sweet man.
thanks for that i will pay them a visit soon then.

wooh ascot vale!
what seems to be the problem with converting your old road bike?
if you have the frame you should be able to get the rest for well under 600?
but yeah the guy that owns cyclic is really friendly and only a short ride from ascot vale

Yeah im totally interested in grabbing a new complete for super cheap.
does this shop carry cheap bikes?

Check out this post…,4822.0.html

KHS Flite100 seem like an OK bike for around the $600 mark. And its a nice frame so you can always put some nicer bits and pieces on it when you get the cash.

just a tip, you pay for what you get. cheap may end up costing you more in the long run if you intend on using it quite regularly.

If you can get your hand on 08 complete bike stock in stores DO IT.

all 09 stock is(has) basically going(gone) up 10-15% on 08 models.

Determine what size you are and shop around to find some good deals and to see who has stock remaining.

did oldpuggler ever get back to anyone on his offer?

dear outremont.

are you actually from outremont?

love brendan,

yeah man i got his bike its been sold :sunglasses:

dear brendon,
no homeboy. i got the name from a sixtoo track. i think he’s from outremont in montreal.

yeah, i think he is. the ninja tune offices used to be in the same hallway as where i worked in montreal. sometimes i’d see amon tobin walking in and out. felt slightly cooler.

haha… i know where you used to work! i was stoked to walk past it when i was there a couple of years ago. had some business in a building nearby and stumbled on it by chance.


Myself and a mate just picked up two “ready to ride” fixies from Goldcross Cycles in Melbourne. They are 2008 SE Lager bikes. They were retailing for $700 but due to new models have them going for $360!
We have had them for a week now and rode mine to work the other day and got there as fast a s my best time on my racer, so go figure!
I am really happy with the bike, it is light, simple and the ride is way more comfortable than my Cannondale R600.
Shame about the Brown colour, but it is growing on me.