New to the boards

Hi all, after 12 months or so of riding fixed on the street I decided id take it to the boards. A few weeks watching the Tuesday night races from the comfort of the stands was all it took to get me to take the next step, a Sunday morning training session. Timing could have been better, it was the morning after a boozey grand final bbq, but countless laps on the world-class velodrome more than did away with what would have been another Sunday hangover.

Nothing against the lemon and white loaner from the bike cage and contrary to what my wife thinks, I need to get another bike. After speaking to a few blokes and noticing that 1/3 of the bikes on the track are hillbricks, it seems they are the bike of choice for the budget minded novice. Im looking at spending around the $1000 mark, preferably under. Does anyone know of a supplier of the hillbrick range, I havent seen them in any of my local bike shops around the brunswick / fitzroy area. The bianchi pista looks nice too and from what I have seen the price is right. Anyone seen these around?

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself, see you on the boards.


Hey Riley, yeah nice to meet you and roll around holding hands for a few laps :slight_smile:

The Hillbrick is good. You should be able to get one through most bike shops, just ask them. Bikepro can do you a good deal too.

Hey Riley.
I missed this Sunday.

Look forward to meeting you over future morning/evenings.
I’m on a blue track frame.

Catch ya.

G’day Riley you might see me down there some weeknights and Sunday’s on the big sky blue rig.
Are you going to come along to any Sat fixed rides with us?

Good to see you down there on Sunday.

IMO the Pista is not good value for what you get.
The Hillbrick is a great no-nonsense track bike. Perfect for just getting on the boards and riding.

Thanks for the replies. Looks like i will head down the hillbrick path. Im assuming bikepro is open saturdays for a look, hopefully they have colours other then red.

Christof, definitely interested in the Saturday fixed ride. I think I actually bumped into you lot on a Saturday morning down at fed square a few months back after your time trial.

Nexus, thanks for the feedback on the Bianchi, i could have sworn id seen it for $900. It is a nice looking bike, i’ll give it that.

And NDF, dont get me wrong, the couple of laps while holding hands was great, but im looking forward to pursuit practice this sunday. I dunno, there is just something that little bit more manly about it…

Is that what that feeling was during the persuit I did Sunday arvo?? I thought it was just pain!!! :roll: :wink:

I think the frameset is available for ~$900 isn’t it?

you could also call or email Paul at Hillbrick, tell him where you live/work and he’ll point you to his regular shops

There is one in the window at Ashburton Cycles (high st rd), looks nice, not that I need one…

For $900 the Bianchi is 80% brand and 20% frame is that is RRP. Personally I think they’re mainly reputation carried over from the 70’s/80’s and have rested on their laurels since.

The Hillbricks, while nothing special, are great bang for your buck. You can upgrade bits and pieces as you see fit, but it’ll get you out on the track for many a race before you actually need to replace anything.