New to the CBR fixie scene

have just moved to canberra, have just started riding a charge plug which i picked up from Mal in Dickson.

so what’s crackin?

are there any more of these meets happening?

this is my ride:


Were you the guy at the lights crossing cowper street today?

If so, Hi My name is danny. And yes, I was riding my polo bike in school uniform =p

no, didn’t hit up cowper st today. i’ve seen a couple of cats with the same bike though.

Welcome - nice ride! I’ve just been working up a bike for my girl with some Charge components; they seem to be good quality and chirpy cheap.

Hey mate how are ya???

Nice bike you got there, Welcome to Canberra

thanks for the comments about the bike guys…

i’m ordering a new rim for the back with a non-machined sidewall so i can get rid of the back break. then slowly adding subtle gold components to match the blinged out hubs.

bling bling1

If your getting rid of those back brakes, am I able to grab the cable guides from you?

Ha! sniper :evil:

I’ll have the back rim if you’re just gonna throw it down the street :slight_smile:

Good on you for moving to Canberra. Best damn bush-capital in the world.


haha! not just yet. im going to hang on to the cables.

i’ll happily sell you the wheel which is only a couple weeks old. I was going to advertise it for $180. Yours for $160.

Ezylee, I have a couple of those cable guides if your still looking. There original shimanos and should polish up good.
Let me know.

Oh cheers! Yeah, put me down for them… I am building a SS bike for my brother and they will be nicer than zip ties.

Hey man, are you still keen for that rear wheel?