New to the scene

Hi Guys,

When I say I’m new to the scene I have been riding bikes since I’ve been walking and owned more then my fair share of BMX’s as a kid and more recently racers and MTB’s.

After coming back from 9 months OS and needing to loose the extra kg’s I decided to get back on a bike, though wanted something different. After browsing various websites I stumbled accross the charge bikes website and immediately fell in love with the concept of owning a ‘fixie’.

Rather then taking the easy route and buying something straight off the shelf (tell me if I should just buy one off the shelf as its my first one), I have decided to build my own.

This raises multiple issues though I figure its the best way learn. First question I would appreciate assistance on is as I’m 6’2" or 191cms what size frame would you recommend ?

Thanks in advance.


Anything sheldon doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing…

Depends what you want in a bike. Off the shelf will be cheaper, faster and easier than building something yourself. Building a bike yourself takes time, money and knowledge (or the willingness to spend time reading and learning).

I dont think charge makes a very big large sized frame. Open your options up abit more champ. Trawl through sum threads. and yes go read sheldon brown until your content.

dont short change yourself there buddy, if you ARE 191cm, youd be clocking in at 6’3… god damn it… 3cm taller than me…

I was in the same situation, and decided on building my own.
The frustrating part, is looking at it almost ready to ride, and waiting for parts/ looking for parts/ stealing parts!

But, even though it ended up costing as much as a cheap off the shelf complete, and it is just a converted beater, its MY god damn bike!

Get onto Sheldon’s site and everthing you need to know is there waiting for you!

if your in perth, i might have a suitable frame for ya :smiley:

I dont think charge makes a very big large sized frame. Open your options up abit more champ. Trawl through sum threads. and yes go read sheldon brown until your content.

No intention of getting a Charge bike or frame, the Charge site simply opened my eyes to a new form of ‘bike love’. Since then I have been trawling the web every spare moment I get and have discovered many viable options.

I am considering buying something initially so I can get involved now and then having another as a project. Can you recommend any ruputable distributors in the Melbourne area ?



support your local bike shop!
nowadays they usualy stock a fix or two. and if not im sure they can order one in.
but then again it depends if you want a specific brand/bike


Never met the man myself (i live in Briz) but from the phone conversations i’ve had couldn’t be more helpful.

Dan @ Shifterbikes.

Fukin bender beat me to it. I am also in Brisbane. Dans your man, he helped us out with parts and sent them up. He also does wicked builds. Check his site he always posts them up.

Hi Matt, welcome to the Melburn ‘scene’.

Another local bike builder is Pony Bikes in West Melbourne:

I was in a similar position as you about six months ago and went with the ‘off-the-shelf’ option, which I am very happy with, (plus I have no room at my shoebox for spare parts, tools, bike stands, etc.)

Let us know what, or who, you end up doing. :wink:

I’ll give him a call and sort something appropriate out.

Thanks for all the help guys, much appreciated.



Is that gold 61*58cm that track cunt posted in the classifieds still available? Chase that up if it is!

anyone know where I can get a Specialized Langster as my first bike ?

Total Rush, Punt Road, Richmond… they have a bit of a sale going on now too.
You’ll need the biggest frame they make… 61cm.

was pretty accurate when I measured myself, as a bike-fit size sort of thing.

Noone can definitively say what you’ll feel the most comfortable on, or the way you’ll feel the most comfortable riding… I guess all these things do is give you a ball-park figure to work with to be comfortable, and you fiddle around with things like saddles, handlebars etc from there.