New (Unknown) Road Bike

Finally got to build up my new road bike. Took a while collecting everything for it, but was well worth the wait. From the relatively short ride home, it rides nice! Got the frame from user kombi off here (cheers mate!) but we have no real idea what the frame is. The rear dropouts are stamped ‘Brev. Campagnolo’ but there’s no serial number that I could find anywhere on the frame. I’ve taken some more detailed photos of the lugs and cutouts in the bottom bracket that might help identifying it. Any help would be greatly appreciated - Road Bike Lugs & Details - a set on Flickr

A few more shots here: Road Bike - a set on Flickr

Parts list:
Frame: Unknown steel frame (59/58)
Wheels: Velocity Deep Vs laced to Shimano 6400 hubs
Crankset: Shimano 6400 170mm 52/43
Front/Rear Derailleurs: Shimano 6400
Levers: Shimano 6400 8spd STI
Brake calipers: Shimano 6400
Headset: Shimano 600
Stem: ITM
Lovin’ it!

I can’t help with frame details but that looks really nice.

Nicely done!

Agreed. Looks very nice.

That looks awesome. Classic looks. I think the retro steel road bike will be the next project out of the blocks for me.

The simple things in life are often the best… done good son!

So very smooth, nice work

Dammit! That’s almost the same colour as mine. Now I’ll have to take a decent photo when its done otherwise it’ll look like your bike’s bogan cousin. Nice looking steed.

I’m liking this… a lot
Great colour and you can’t go wrong with classic Shimano 600. Good value too.

In regards to the frame ID- bottom bracket Italian threaded? I dare say it is

Ahh, didn’t think of that. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s Italian.

Then it’s probably a dodgy Italian frame… :wink:

Hey Rooster, I think I might have seen you riding through Ivanhoe this afternoon on aforementioned bicycle?

Yeah, I was riding home through the shopping area this afternoon. Around 4:45-5pm?

ah cool, I was sitting at laurant with my red fausto coppi eating expensive pastry

Ah yes, I think I remember seeing a bike leaning up against the barriers. I’ll make sure to give a wave next time.

Bit of an update. Got around to changing a few things. Now has a lovely polished 3TTT stem, many thank to Jase for that one. New bartape and a new saddle. Might change out the saddle for something else eventually but pretty darn happy with the whole thing right now.

A few more shots here.

that second shot is the money shot for me…

Missed this the first time 'round.
What an absolutely classic beauty.So clean and sexy in it’s style.

Hey that’s my old stem! (I sold it to Jase). Nice to see it being put to good use.

ahh its pretty awesome how parts just get moved around between members!

Andy, love the build mate, simple and sexxaaayy