New Velocity website. Let me know

So not being much of a computer geek, I’ve been given the task of doing up our new website finally after 5 years of having the same old one.

After many many months I have finally got it to a stage to go live.
It still needs a shit load more details and specs listed which i’ll keep working away at, but in the mean time, check it out and let me know if you
find it user friendly ( or not ) or what you’de like to see ( or not ) or just like whatever.



Looks rad Adam, massive upgrade from the previous site.

A few things after a quick look around…

The colours page isn’t working properly at my end (Google Chrome). Not sure if it’s just waiting on content?

I’d suggest making the colour options really easy to find as well. It took me a while to track it down. The multiple colour options seem to be a big part of the Velocity range, so it makes sense to have them displayed prominently on the site. Maybe a graphic link below the ‘product search’ box in the sidebar?

On the product pages (when it lists individual products), it could be good to make the product names links themselves, rather than having to click the very small ‘more info…’ link. My first instinct is to click the title, and that’s pretty standard amongst most websites and blogs.

In the Fun Stuff box on the home page, can you make it so that clicking the ‘Image Gallery’ title takes you to the image gallery, rather than clicking the text below it? Just seems to make more sense.

Anyway, all minor things. Overall it looks great!

I’ve just loaded up the colours page quickly with the images I currently have.
Should have all new flasher images next week sometime.

Currently the Colours are located in GALLERY, I’ll link it to the colour page asap.

Click on the product image to open up the page instead of the ‘more info’.

Yeah got that, it’s just that clicking the title feels more natural.

looks rad, but velocity should have a sale for launching the new site haha

Just one thing, I was hoping that signing up would allow me a dealer login so that I can buy stuff but as I half expected it doesn’t :frowning:
I really don’t get the point of retailers. I find choosing products enjoyable, I don’t need to then pay someone to lift a phone.

Adam, the site looks great, I didn’t realise you were doing red road hubs or gold track hubs!
Fonts are all easy to read, and the black background looks nicer than the old website.

maybe a link to a page where i can get a ARROSPOK at cost price :stuck_out_tongue: