new visp-like frames??

TRATBtrack fixie frame set 700CX49-61CM in Black | eBay

Absolute wow factor there.
Half the frame is the weld seams.
Congrats to the designer for taking the picture of two Leader frames and sticking them together though.

I do ride a visp but those welds are extreme lol

No doubt heap of these will be kicking around soon!!

whoah, I kinda like that.

Ha, that box is sweet! I wanna post aaaaall my shit in boxes that say “Fixie Bike”!

can some one imbed a pic please =] ebay is blocked at work

for some reason i always think b43s go well with visps.

I dunno about everyone else, but I for one am glad that:

And that for my anyview, cycle is cool.

Its just asking for a Batman symbol on it someplace.

All these cheap frames and components are just begging for one thing: a FOA contest to see who can build the cheapest complete bike using only BRAND NEW parts from ebay.

Sounds like a gauntlet is being thrown down.

Just had a brilliant addition to this competition: additional prize could go to whoever then makes the most profit by selling the complete bike on ebay.

you, sir, are a genius! you could probably get a NEIS grant to start dis shit up.

How about cheapest build but must be resold person with best profit wins.
But I’m not in

so are the points for cheapest build? or the most profit made? it might be possible to make more profit using better parts

The ad says “Frok ends space:100mm, Frame rear dropout space 115-120mm”. Does that mean the rear dropout spacing can vary up to 5mm in the between frames? If so, then that doesn’t say much for the quality, precision and rigidity of the rest of the frame.

Frameset weight is approx 3 kg (depending on the frame size). That seems fairly heavy for a 6061 aluminium frameset. It must be the weight of the seam welds and that monstrous down tube.

As to the competition - I propose the following rules:
(a) each bike must be built entirely from material purchased on Ebay (right down to the rim tape, inner tube, bar tape, etc - and excluding only ferules and grease);
(b) competitors must be able to provide proof of Ebay purchase of all items used in their build;
(c) the bikes must be sold to third parties (i.e. competitors can’t sell their bike to a mate, or family member, or significant other);
(d) competitors must be also able to provide proof of the amount for which they have sold their bikes;
(e) bikes must be built and sold by 31 August 2011 (that gives everyone three months);
(f) competitors will get one point for each dollar by which their total build cost is lower than (say) $900.00;
(g) competitors will also get one point for each dollar by which the amount that they sell their bike exceeds their total build cost;
(h) competitors can post the details of their build, their bike (including photos) and the points they claim on a new thread on this forum as soon as they’ve sold their bike;
(i) the winner gets bragging rights (unless one of this site’s sponsors would like to donate a prize); and
the site moderators will elect one of their own to be the ultimate judge of the competition.

What do you think? Any suggestions for modifications to those rules — or any proposals for an entirely new set of rules.

I don’t intend to compete — but I think it would be a really interesting competition.

I don’t want to compete but I think I will have to.
Additions to the rules:
(ammendment b) a screenshot of each item you buy on the bay with clear listing number for tracing.
(j) no combining postage with another competitor to make your builds slightly cheaper.
(k) when sold, your selling advert must comply to the following title “NEW FIXIE FIXED GEAR SINGLESPEED BIKE BICYCLE COOL * **”
(l) extra bonus points to anyone that starts open bidding, no reserve at 99 cents.
(m) most expensive build/least margin of profit or the person that comes out in the negative the most should get a prize.

Oh man so tempting to compete HA HA

Prizes for best / worst build and highest / lowest cost?

Perhaps profits go to charity after covering build costs?