new visp-like frames??

Charity and a donation to help keep everything running?

If only wisecracks and razor sharp wit were counted as legitimate donations. FoA would have achieved charity status years ago.

For some reason that frame reminds me of the Sydney Opera House.

This post should be all the inspiration one of you needs to cover the thing in an Australian flag with a sweet southern cross headtube badge…

^ well thanks for ruining my idea for the competition.

I have to admit I’ve just spent an hour looking up cheap parts on the bay. There sure is some shit/amazing shit/total and utter shit out there.

That said, this contest could be amazing/totally amazing/completely shit.

Basic ebay listing only? Or does the money spent on marketing come off your final score?

I like the thinking…but I cant afford this contest.

+1…i dont think anyone is seriously going to do it.

Way to go arsehole, destroying my fantasy…

I want to do it just for the sick curiosity/fantasy of fanging around on a garish colourful visp with rizorz for a day, then getting rid of it and pretending like it never happened.

The consensus seems to be that no-one is going to enter the competition if it involves spending real money. Okay then, how about a virtual bike build contest?

Proposed rules:
(a) you must assemble Ebay & web-based shop entries (e.g. Cell, Wiggle, Torpedo 7, etc) for all the components needed to build a bike (I’ve started a list below);
(b) (as thomasface said) you must provide a screenshot of each item you would buy on the bay with clear listing number for tracing;
(c) you must provide a screenshot and URL for each item you would buy at a web-based shop;
(d) the cost of components must include shipping to your closest capital city (as thomasface said - no shared shipping costs);
(e) the competition closes at 5:00 pm EST on Friday, 1 July 2011;
(f) all components must be available on Ebay or web-based shops between now and then;
(g) competitors will get one point for each dollar by which their total build cost is lower than $900.00;
(h) the cost of brake components won’t be included in calculating the total build cost (this is to avoid an unnecessary fight between those who favour brakes and those who have no sense);
(i) you can post the details of your virtual build, and the points that you claim for it, on a new thread on this forum;
(j) the winner gets bragging rights and universal adoration (unless someone wants to sponsor a prize); and
(k) extra bragging rights and adoration for anyone who actually buys the components and builds a real bike.

Any suggestions for modifications to those rules — or any proposals for an entirely new set of rules?

Are there any site moderators who’ll volunteer to judge the competition?

Proposed list of components:
frame, fork, wheel set (or components - rims, hubs, spokes & nipples), rim tape, tyres, tubes, bottom bracket, crank set, chain ring, pedals, chain, track cog, seat post, seat post clamp, saddle, headset, stem, handle bars, grips or bar-tape, and front brake components (caliper, brake pads, brake lever, cable outer & inner).

This sounds like fun! I do this sort of thing all the time for builds.

Also, chainring bolts should make that list if rim tape does… they can be a bit exy and offer a chance for colour and pazzazzzzzzz

Can I add one point? Keep it a secret till release date, otherwise every bastard is gonna build the same thing…

sooo were not doing it for real!!!

fuck i wonder if i can get me some refunds…