New Visps

fixie frame and fork 700CX50/53/56CM white/powder black,track frame and fork | eBay

Thoughts and opinions?

super fuglyrific

It looks like its already been involved in a horrific accident with a truck.

They have another triple triangle model too… VISP GT Dragon haha


they’d be a damn sight better looking without the hideous decals…

ya wanna hope that the seat tube looks like that because of the sweet photoshop work too…

what the shit is that?

Haha, save your coins and buy something more worth while kids.

I second this.

Also, they still have the former Track design but have put road dropouts on it and called it a road frame so it can’t be made into a fixie without a chain tensioner.

EDIT: I did a little ebay searching and I take that ^ back cos they are actualy here:
They dont come up under an ebay search of “VISP”.

I dunno, if the chain stays were curved I might consider it…

i’m probably gonna get both, and keep the tribal grafix. sick

The top tube has a track arc. Worth it.

for a rain/train stration/bunky/polo/commuter/dontgiveafukk bike - i dont think they’re that bad.

what would be better for the price??

^second that

Nice to have a bike that you don’t mind leaving out the front of a pub in the knowledge that it’s too fucking heaving for anyone to bother riding off with it

If or when my Fuji frame dies I’d definitely consider buying one to use for a commuter/winter/pub bike.

Something comparable on price would be an eigthinch scrambler, worth about $250.

Almost want…

And so much better!

The trip tri one stripped and stickered would be a groovy shitter. Wait till dyldo sees em,he’ll wig out¡

Isaac just messages me these on Facebook. Did I get excited? Umm, yes!
I might get the bendy one.

You could start with something like this…

Ribble Carbon Alloy Road Frame | eBay

or this…

Vetta road bike frame 57cm 700c | eBay