New W.I. Track Hubset

Check out the New White Industries Track Hubset… looks to be top notch quality, although the splined cog design is the same as the ‘new’ Sugino method yet a different pattern leaving provision for ONLY W.I. cogs to fit.

three cheers to the cycling industry… for being the most un-universal industry in the world! hip hip hooray!

Splined cogs is one non-standard innovation I welcome with open arms.

two bobs worth.

if they are like miche, they go to pieces for street use. I used them on my courier bike and the cog/spline wore VERY quickly resulting in a floppy cog.

no one likes floppy ones.

cog and lockring works. why tangle the technology for the sake of it.

The only way I can see these working for those of us who like to skip, skid etc is if the cogs have a significant interference fit to the splines. Of course then you couldn’t just slip cogs on and off which would kinda defeat the purpose of having splined cogs. If there is even the slightest ammount of play when installed they’ll start to flog.

Also these splines appear to be aluminium which is softer than steel and would make things worse.

FSA virorelli cranksets used a splined interface between the crank arms and spider which also had problems when used on the street

P.S. appart from a lockring spanner (if you run a lockring) the only tool you need to change threaded cogs is your bike itself rotafix and rota-un-fix

Maybe they had some crank tooling left over :smiley:

I think DaFROG is on the money- you’d want an interference fit (but it’s not of course)
It’s better than the Miche concept, but it’s still crap.


I think splines would be good, but they should be more similar in design to the shimano freehub, but with a much more beefy spline profile. sure most people haven’t used them for fixed, skidding etc, but they seem to hold up to huge amounts of road abuse by lots of people. lots of the bmx and dj bikes use similar things without problems.

and yeah well done to cycling for having the least inter-changeability of anything around hahaha

I’d say the shape of the WI splines is on the money. the shimano free hub ones would be shit for fixed as they are too small and square splines of the shimano style but beefied would have sharp corners for fatigue cracks to start at and would probably be hardner to machine.

The reason the shimano splines (or any other splined interface even ones with pretty loose tollerances like the shimano ones) work in free hubs is that first the free hub body is usually steel and in cassettes at least the interface is quite wide with all the cogs being bolted to gether or held on a comon spider. this distributes load over a greater area making wear less likely. Also forces are only applied to the splines in one direction.
The first time you apply a load the play is taken up and since you can’t apply a load in the opposite direction thats that and the lockring holds everything in this position. Also the shimano free hub splines do wear out you just dont notice because you can’t apply load in teh opposite direction to normal.

BMX DJ road DH whatever only apply load in the forward direction and even the sickest drop to flat doesn’t put any more stress on the spline interface.