New wheel... spokes not that tight?

Just bought a brand spanking new Velocity front wheel (Deep V laced to a Velocity hub). The spokes don’t feel that tight. Should I get those suckers tightened before riding?

Do you know if the wheel is factory or shop built?

The several sets of factory built velocity wheels that have passed through my door have been super-reliable… no truing needed (yet). I guess it would be really unusual for a wheel to go out at sub-par tension.

Shop built on the other hand… perhaps it is a dodgy build?

What are you comparing too?

It’s true, it’s just that the spoke tension feels a little loose compared to other brand new wheels I’ve seen (like my girlfriends wheelset when we bought it online). I’m not sure if it’s shop built or not, it was just hanging up on the roof, and I bought it.