New Year, New Housemate. Room available. Brunswick East Apartment.

EDIT: Room has been filled. Thanks all.

Feels like only yesterday, but It’s time to find another flatmate. I’m going through them like bike tags!

The room is available around 6th of Feb. It’s in a great location & has excellent facilities. Please PM me if you or anyone you know are looking for a place.

Rent is $206 per calendar week for the room + bills
Lygon St - Brunswick East

[li]2 Bedrooms, with spacious living room,[/li][li]Kitchen,[/li][li]Shower & bath[/li][li]Laundry with dryer & washing machine[/li][li]Bitchin’ balcony with a BBQ and an excellent view of the local ‘scenery’[/li][li]Pool[/li][li]Gym[/li][li]100mbit NBN Fibre Internet[/li][li]Private Underground Car Park (I have my car, fixie & motorbike down there)[/li][/ul]

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