New Zealand made Don Gibbs Columbus Max track bike

Updated photo

Frame / Fork: Don Gibbs track frame Columbus Max 53
Stem / Bars / Headset: Nitto Jaguar 90mm / Nitto B123 / Suntour Superbe Pro
Post / Saddle: Thomson Elite / Flite or NOS Iscaselle Time saddle
BB / Cranks / Chainring: Campagnolo Veloce Italian thread / Suntour Superbe Pro 170 / Suntour Superbe Pro 49T
Front Wheel: Araya Super Aero to Suntour Superbe Pro or Camagnolo Shamal clincher / Continental Ultra Sport 23c
Rear Wheel: Araya Super Aero to Suntour Superbe Pro / Euro Asia Gold Medal 17t / Suntour Superbe Pro lockring / Continental Ultra Sport 23c or Camagnolo Shamal clincher Campagnolo Record hub / Continental Ultra Sport 23c
Pedals / Straps / Cage: Suntour Superbe Pro / Toshi Singles / MKS
Chain: HKK NJS

It isn’t quite how I want it now, but over time I’ll fix some bits up and change some parts. I am hoping to find another Super Aero rim to run on the front as well as a Superbe seat post and Superbe Italian thread bb to complete the group set.

that thing look WILD, i could imagine that it would weigh a tonne though!

Yeah, my Cannondale Track is a lot lighter, but from what i’ve heard Columbus Max werent always the lightest tub sets?


If batman rode track I’m pretty sure this would be his bike.

i like it.
i also like that you posted it and it’s not actually yours.

That thing would way a stack. Gussets like that were usually put in frames that were intended only to be used in match sprints for added stiffness.

PS There is a good chance that thing has significant race history. Please don’t smooth the gussets with filler.

Yeah thats what I thought. Would be interesting if I can track down any photos of it back in the day.

Tried to get it rolling before, only got as far as installing the headset. Stupid italian thread bottom bracket! There goes the dream of easily putting my Superbe groupo on it and riding it tonight!

seen an identical kiwi built max frame as that. was bought in NZ and came to AUS. Very very nice.

just buy it!

It’s mine now! So did it have similar gussets? Do you have any photos of it or remember what its paint or decals were like gypsy?

Not a huge fan of this gusset!

It just looks messy around the edges…

You’d have to be a bloody powerful or heavy rider to need gussets on a MAX frame you would think… hot, if a little agriculture!

Crazy frame, If your handy you could lightly Dremel then fill the edges with fibre glass and smooth it all out.
This is what i will do to my Berretto Max frame when i get the new decals and time.

Yeah, that is an option I was thinking of. I just want to tidy it up a bit then repaint once I find some more info about it.

I had planned on going all out and trying to create similar gussets which are on my buddies Ken Evens. Could be a lot of work but would look awesome! Stuff it, I’ll just get it rolling for now!

^ oh sh1t

I had a school teacher named Don Gibbs. He taught philosophy. I was too dumb to know what was going on, but I enjoyed listening to the older students argue (I did year 12 ph in year 11). Gibbo was a legend, but he wouldn’t tell us he was a Jew, idk why.

I want that ken and that front wheel.

Got it rolling in the weekend! Original post updated…


shit hot