newbie fixie build

Hey everyone.
This is my second post… I’m abit of a newbie, although i have had some experience with bikes in my younger years and didn’t even know what a fixie was until today…

… After reading heavymetal’s reply to my help post i thought i’d post a photo of what i picked up today and see what you more knowledgable/experienced peeps think about what i can do with this bike…

Here’s a pic:

I do want to keep expenses to a minimum and do value your opinion so what do ya’rekon?

Buy a cell,

Build a roadie with it.
If you want a “fixie”, buy a “fixie”.

put it back on the hard garbage pile.

turn it back into this

Where are you based, I got a real cheap frame you might be interested in.
But as for converting a roadie you have to buy some special spacers on your rear hub and it gets complicated etc etc etc

Dayne speaks the truth: Australia’s HOTTEST Fixie is BACK and Only $199!

You’d probably spend double that just getting that old thing rolling. Not even worth it, unless you really relish the challenge.

Can anyone speak with actual experience regarding the quality of those Cell fixiebikes? I see a lot of people on this forum recommending them.

…and yes, I know they are only two hunge.

I was going to strip it, paint the frame, get some wheels, get cranks, get bars, seatpost, seat… May i ask why this is a waste of time?

I’m based in Perth Classical…
I’ve still got all the parts as it came fully assembled so i could put it back together as a roadie…

It’s a waste of time unless you relish a challenge. You could easily spend more than the $200 a cell fixxxey costs just to fix up something that may or may not be worthwhile. Does it fit you? Does it have sentimental value? Does it need every moving part replaced? Do you have the skills and tools to do what is needed?

Just asking these questions because so many people before you have attempted the same thing, then afterwards have come back and said “Should have bought a complete”.

If you decided to go ahead with fixing up the bike, well then good luck to you. But you’ve been warned.

/\ This. You’re wasting your money doing it up. It won’t ride comfortably and you’ll never be able to sell it. Take it from a bunch of guys who’ve “been there, done that.”

Paint it silver and give it to a boat owner. Then buy a CELL for $199.

I really want to build one myself as i will get more satisfaction out of riding it…

Are the fixies these days lighter than that frame i posted?

I’ve got another frame which might be a better option, here’s a pic:

How would this frame rate up against a complete like a cell?

If i wanted to build one from scratch where should i start/ where would i get a decent frame?

The tools required to fix up this fixie would cost more than a Cell.

Buy a ‘off the shelf’ one AND do up the other one.

I can’t see any pics (at work) but I would suggest you don’t file/grind anything off.

Yeh, the first frame you put up is going to be super heavy, even a cheap current fixed frame is going to be lighter/more comfortable/not rusty.

The second frame is totally unsuitable, as the dropouts don’t allow the rear wheel to move to get proper chain tension. The bike looks nearly complete anyway, put it back together and use it as a road bike.

Are we being trolled?

No i just wanted some opinion as i said im a newb to this scene dont know what i want.

I’m going to put them back together as rodie as they are and if you guys recommend a cell then i might invest in one if you think its the best option out there…

God damn though… I really wanted to build one!!!

Or a Haro, or an SE Draft, or a Fuji, or a Schwinn Madison… companies which have been making bikes for a while and all available for under $300. And they have spec lists with the occasional branded component. AND they all look like proper fixies with flouro bits all over them that will make your eyes bleed, which I gather is important.

I dont know anything about these Cells so im not potting them, but I’ve seen plenty of Jellybeans and Reids with bits dangling off them.

Actually, I shouldnt say that… I’ve not seen any Jellybeans up close, but if they’re not the exact same bike as a Create (which I have seen in pieces) I’d be very surprised.

If you really want to, then do it. It’s a lot of fun. Just don’t be surprised if you end up spending a shitload and end up with a horrible piece of shit at the end.

Yeah, it’ll be good future reference for what not to do. Before you rush in however, have a look through the ‘Post your ride’ section of this forum - you’ll start to get an idea of components, frames etc. A read through the Reviews section wont hurt either. Oh, and google everything before you buy.

buy complete. upgrade the bits that break.

eventually, you will realise that the complete you bought kinda sucks and will want something better.

build something awesome with the right parts, love it to death.

puts townie bars and fenders on the original complete you bought and eventually hated, fall in love with it allllllll over again and ride it 95% of the time.