hey guys,

I’m new here, towards the end of last year i picked up a single speed with a flip flop hub from balmoral whilst i was living in vic park.

Im living up in kalamunda now and riding singe speed up here is slim pickings

basically looking to meet up with ppl for a casual cruise, meets etc.

let me know


yo im in kalamunda, orange valley road.

lets ride some day.

hey man im on kalamunda road,

yeah hit me up when your keen

is flyingporkpies on here? he rides ss and also organises a lot of audax rides that start in the kalamunda area …

You guys wanna drive your bikes to the city area on one of the week ends to do the around the river route and possibly cafe it up in south perth or ell tower? :smiley:

anyone interested in riding tomorrow? My usual riding buddy has a work gig on so im feeling lonely. usually do 30-50km.

Where do you go for your ride?

Anywhere interesting. have done Bassendean-Perth and back via belmont, cott to hillarys, scarborough to freo

mate, i’m in Bayswater and would be keen for joining you at some stage if you are looking for company…