im a newbie to the fixie world…going to be ordering a fixie soon…looking at getting a se dc x pk ripper 09…anyone know if these are good bike to go with?? thanks…

I have seen many pics of those SNAPPED IN HALF ZOMGH DO NOT BUY DUDE!
The SE Lager is better, and their lugged one is better still.
I had an SE as my first fixie, and changed for a conversion asap.

Conversion are the way to go to kick off starting. Up to you really, but i prefer made fixie’s to pre-stock built bike’s mostly.

Made fixies > Stock built fixies.

Conversions are fun to make. If you like that sort of thing.

if you have tools and half a clue = conversion

no tools and just want start ridin = off the shelf

Off the shelf and then upgrading the components it also a cool way to go.
You get to ride straight away and will slowly build up your knowledge as you upgrade all the parts.

My latest fixed went that way so that I could get the frame which you couldn’t get otherwise.

Other than that.
Sheldon Brown is your new god.
Do a fingerbanging search first.

Hope to see you out soon!

cool thanks for the info…
getting a complete bike to begin with as it will be my wheels to get to work on…
will try get into the tricks later on youtube has shown some pretty amazing stunts

learn to use the search function.

why? this thread got moved for some reason…

The role of Kieran the smartass is taken. Find another job.

Search because your question has probably been asked before.

It was moved because you posted it in the Perth forum.

^ hahahahaha… should have kept it there, no noobie thread is ever going to beat patch(new user of the months)s first one.

we need a hall of lol for all of the locked threads that started out like this one

was put in the perth forum cause im from perth…
i was asking for people’s opinion on the bike i am purchasing…if it bothers ya don’t read it…

You’ll notice that the Perth forum is for Perth events and meet-ups.

As much as buying a new bike must be quite an event for you, it’s not really the kind of event that the city-based forums are meant for.

Welcome aboard.

I was with a friend the other day who saw someone else’s bike for the first time and said “That’s pretty sweet for a conversion”. It didn’t occur to me to ask at the time but how on earth did they figure it was a conversion after only having looked at it for a few seconds?

after you ride fixies for a while you start to become more aware of your surroundings. you get this kind of ‘zen’ connection with the road and all sorts of associated skills. one of these skills is being able to anticipate sweet conversions because you now look a few blocks ahead and not just a few cars ahead.

Some people use but you havent so…
Road bike/common conversion rear dropouts.

Track dropouts

for more information go here: Bicycle Frame Dropouts
For all information go here: Sheldon Brown-Bicycle Technical Information

I thought it might have been the dropouts that gave it away but he said it so naturally whilst having barely looked at the bike that I thought there may have been additional clues.

Thanks though, I feel the tiniest bit less ignorant having had you confirm this for me.

Great example of track dropouts with braze-ons for both mudguards and luggage rack :wink:

Seriously man, Have a good read through sites like sheldon brown and forum help sections…Use seach functions, google and youtube heaps and youll learn a lot of stuff pretty quickly. Best way to not get Completely flamed on forums and feel shit.