Newcastle Overnight, 2015 edition


Dafaq? Matty Jays be riding. Not sure about Jimmy though, I’ll message him now though.

James is away on the given date; Don’t let the team down, Nat.

I’d like to go. I even have a new bike literally called Audax (I might have to ride home too). Just have other commitments.

That realisation that I done no big kilometres, or much riding in the last 3 months.

Prediction: still going sprint into descents, suck wheels I shouldn’t and blow up at the 150km mark.

I’ve done no rides over 70km in months, maybe all year. My plan is to just keep eating and keep moving.
What could possibly go wrong?
Alex: will you be joining me for a hills depart?

Maybe. I’ll speak to my riding buddy who lives locally and figure out what’s going on. If I don’t join you from da hillz I will definitely join you from Mt White onwards.

I’d be keener to do this if it wasn’t for the AUDAX safety stipulations. I get that it’s for insurance but it’s still a PITD. Are you guiz registered and have all of the reflectors and vest etc?

Depending on the organiser the audax rules can be pretty chill. I.e. the mixed terrain ones in Vic, vest is just any bright gillet, and they just ask “have you got lights”.

Dunno how sydney rolls but I reckon I ate my entry fee in food on my only audax club ride.

Moan moan moan. I’ve got a rapha brevet jersey that’s reflective, and getting an extra light front and rear is easy.
Go to kmart, but a $5 reflective safety vest, wear it for the start then chuck it.

Dunno if I’ll register cos I start at the hills and can’t get checked at the start anyway. If you really don’t want to wear the safety gear just don’t register.

I’m coming now. Been sick for the last 4 days, and the last big ride I did was the Wisemans ride with no shoes. In fact, probably drunk more beer since then than done KM’s… But I’ll race you down the hills Lorday.

That’s the spirit.

Hey, I’ll be starting from Berowra. Do you have an eta based on last year Jono?

I reckon about 10.15/10.20 or so. That’s going on my normal solo time, not waiting around for slowies.

That sounds good. I’ll meet you at the top of the Berowra Waters climb.


Well done everyone.

You guys got some photos…

I took two: one while waiting for Lorday at the start, one at the end. It’s pretty dark…

Check instagram: #newcastleovernight There’s heaps of pics there.

Yeah cool, pretty sure I saw them on the insta… I’ll have a geeze through that tag today, cheers.