Newcomer in melbourne, need assistance!

Hey! I’m a french Canadian dropping into Melbourne next week,

Bike messenging:
any bike messenger around?
Is it a good season to apply without experience? (Got plenty of urban bike and Montreal winter urban-riding-on-ice-to-near-death-situations experience)

Used bike
Where can I get one, a solid one?
Or a good shop for used parts…

Thanks in advance!

  • Jonathan

hi! are you from montreal? i lived there for ages. do you know marielle? last i heard she was working at that shop that does track bikes and lesbian haircuts (their words, not mine). i used to kick around with her a bit. and lissa greenspoon, but she hasn’t worked on the bike for a while now. hit us up so i can reminisce.

Glen from canada


Actually I met her a few times! She works at Cycles Beaubien in Little Italy!? I gave her a box of spare parts last time I see her! Haha so funny you know her, I don’t know her personally a lot, but she was more friendly every times I dropped of there. I know she can build fine wheels, their bikes were nice, really retro looking, and not too expensive!

Where were you hanging out in Montreal?

You could beg to the mods to give you access to the trading part of this site, complete bikes come up for sale there quite regularly.

i lived in lasalle, actually, but spent most of my time in st henri / NDG (like everyone else). i also had a girlfriend - who lived off the island in hudson - for a very long time. despite my username i didn’t really hang out with the sXe kids, but did hang out with the crustie kids. that and a lot of time spent at QPIRG is how i know marielle.

What size frame are you and what’s your budget?

size/budget pending i may have a fixed-gear for you…

Tabarnak de calice!
Welcome to Melbourne!

Can’t help you about bike messenging. For a second-hand bike, i guess your best bet is ebay.