Newport policeman pulled off bike in night attack

Say what you want about crime in America, in over 8 years of commuting in Austin Texas I never heard of a single person getting yanked off their bike. In the four months I’ve lived in Melbourne this is ~4-5 incident I’ve heard of. I find this particular article disturbing because I ride down Douglas Parade daily. I hope they catch the f*cktards that did this, and since it was a police officer involved perhaps it’ll get the attention that it deserves.

Newport policeman pulled off bike in night attack

A NEWPORT policeman, who has been solving crimes for more than 10 years, is at the centre of his own investigation after being injured in a bizarre attack.

Senior-Constable Peter Clarke was off duty and riding home from work along Douglas Pde, Spotswood, about 12.40am last Wednesday when it’s believed a passenger leant out of a moving vehicle and yanked him off his bike.

The person pulled Sen-Constable Clarke towards the moving vehicle, the force sending him crashing to the road. He suffered several grazes and bruises and was forced to take a week off work.

Sen-Constable Clarke, who had just finished his shift at Melbourne West Police Station, said the car snuck up behind him.

“As I turned around to see what was going on I felt a big pull on the backpack I was wearing,” he said.

“I was pulled in towards the car, ended up sprawled all over the road and the car kept going.

“I can’t say whether they were trying to steal my bag or whether it was for a bit of a laugh.

“There was no prior warning and it’s just something that happened so quickly.

“I managed to get a bit of a registration number, so hopefully the police can do a good job for me.

“Now I know what a victim of crime feels like.

“It’s never happened to me before.

“I might develop a little more empathy for other (victims).”

Sergeant Peter Radford, from Williamstown police, said the act was “reckless”.

“In those sorts of circumstances there’s a huge risk he could fall under the wheels,” he said.

“He could get hit by cars coming from behind if they didn’t have time to avoid him, or hit his head on the curbing.

“The potential for injury there is ten-fold.”

Police believe a dark-coloured Holden Commodore with small rear spoiler may have been linked to the incident.

Anyone with information about the crime is urged to call Leading Senior-Constable Shane Ginters on 9393 9555 or Crimestoppers, 1800 333 000.


“I might develop a little more empathy for other (victims).”

Makes him sound like a jerk. Sorry.


Police believe a dark-coloured Holden Commodore with small rear spoiler may have been linked to the incident.

No suprise there.

I was fixing a flat on Douglas Parade two weeks ago and some guys in a dark colored Sedan rolled by yelling obscenities and flipping me off. I brushed it off, then I heard them doing burn outs and they turned around to come back. I cut down some bike paths to the strand… I should have gotten the plate number.

A truly abhorrent act! Very scary indeed… I feel I may be out of the loop as this is the first incident I have heard of that I can remember. Remembering though is not something that always comes easy to me. Any information on the other incidents?

Police believe a dark-coloured Holden Commodore with small rear spoiler may have been linked to the incident.

That should narrow it down a bit

So i was riding home minding my own business this morning, at 1:30am along a main road, when a car pulled past me and the passenger hit me across the back. they were basically sitting on the windowsill, with their whole upper body hanging out of the car so definitely premeditated. i was kind of pissed off, called them a fucking cunt and gave chase. lost them after a couple of sidestreets, but for once i do have their numberplate, a description of the car and passenger. anyone know what the best procedure is to ensure some kind of payback?

that’s fucked!

homemade napalm is subtle but effective.

Did you bother reporting it to the cops? Being assault and all.

Got any friends at VicRoads?


Go to the cops, get them charged and take it to court. See who gets the last laugh then.

Yeah make a police report for sure!


And don’t let the cops give you no for an answer.

I would have a formal chat to Senior-Constable Peter Clarke over at Newport police station!

i think my chances of taking it through court successfully are low, but i will report it, and hopefully they’ll call the owner of the car and give them a firm talking to


this bloke is going to get a barrage of bike-related complaints in the next little while!

reported it to my local police, they said they’d give the driver a call. and now it’s on file if they do something else similar.

Doesn’t stop you being afraid for your life though does it? Sorry if I’m over dramatising.

well, i’m just glad i managed to get a rego number ay? and if i’d managed to catch up with them i would have surely kicked off their side mirror, so it’s probably best i misjudged the intercept. hopefully it’s some kid borrowing their parents car, and they get grounded or something.