Newsflash - 29er wins world cup round

For the first time in history (for men, at least) a 29er has been ridden to a world cup win. And it was a duallie. Ridic.

You are my hero JP.

Go Specialized! 29ers will be all over the place now because of this. I tried a 29er MTB, hated it.

ha! thanks for that support mate.

Bummed that youre in another city this weekend!

I thought 29ers were a marketing hype thing?

Some people ride them fast, and thats a fact :slight_smile:

I haven;t been following the world cup… but is this a case of the course was more suited to a 29er? Not technical? It would have been good to see how much of the field were on 29ers.

I know one of our sponsored riders is loving the 29ers at the moment on the non technical stuff.

Just read this the other day: Get yo’self a edjacayshun.

It still had V-brakes at least, right?

  • Joel