Next BNE bike event?

Hey all

I was disappointed to see that I missed hearing about and going to Pushies Galore. Is there any place I can go (Website/forum/thread etc) where Brisbane based bike events (swap meets and shows mainly, not races/rides) are posted? Are most of these events planned long in advance or is it the sort of thing where there is a few weeks notice before?
I’m keen to give my self reminders so I dont miss any.

surely the Brisbane section on here does alright, I knew about pushies & I’m in Melbourne!

go to this, looks awesome!

There is Cyclocross racing at Nundah Crit track at Hedley Ave, today.

Yeah I just thought there may be a calendar somewhere with events for the year or something, so I could plan ahead further. I don’t get the chance to check forums consistently.

yeah, fair enough, not everyone’s on here as much as I am!!

Brendan tried to get a calendar going for FOA ages ago, but it never seemed to get off the ground unfortunately.

I might try and get it going again now that I have FOA organisation time each week…

The Gear Brisbane guys try to get as much stuff on the blog as they have time to


This in an EVENT every week!!! brisbane-thursday-night-ride Get amongst it :slight_smile: