Next FoA movie night we should watch this.

Rad - Trailer (1986).avi: Rad - Trailer (1986).avi - YouTube

Pretty much my autobiography

How have I never seen this?

dammit. i was hoping this was gonna be about pitch perfect 2.

Did anyone notice John Farnham singing? Looked up the OST and he does 3 tracks on the movie, as well as the theme! awesome!
Rad (1986) - Soundtracks - IMDb

On the website Rotten Tomatoes, “Rad” was given a “Rotten” rating of 0%, the lowest possible score from critics; conversely, the audience rating stands at 91%. Guardian writer Nick Evershed found it had the largest discrepancy between audience and critical reception in the Rotten Tomatoes database, from a pool of 10,000 movies analyzed.[1]

Ain’t nobody wants to buy your chopping board man.