Next Friday (16th) Velodrome Bash

Over many a beer last night the idea of riding out to Narrabundah velodrome next Friday came up,
So I propose that we either meet up at a pub, or somewhere in civic, ride out to the velodrome and screw around, do a few laps and get a feel for riding on the track

Then perhaps into Manuka for beer, who wants in?


I could be keen to come over for a spin if i finish work early, what time?

I’ve just built my first fixie, so maybe I’ll try come along for some of these rides some time.

Keen as, earlier start the better. I have indoor at 8:30

Well I went over to the velodrome today to suss it out, its going to be awesome!

I was thinking meet in the city at 5 but does anyone want to meet at about 4:30?? it gets dark earlyish and the velodrome doesn’t appear to be lit

I’d come if we could be finished (or at least me) by 5.30pm. Gotta work in Kingston at 6pm…

what do you say

Yeah I rekon that would be fine, you could bail at 5:30, its a quick ride to Kingston from the velodrome anyway

totally, what’s the deal though, is it just an open session at the track? entry fee or what?

the deal is: we ride over there, hopefully there will be no trackies there (there won’t be), we will jump the fence and fang around on our bikes till we fall over, then we go drink beer!

you can also race around the RC racetrack next door. It’s hot shit.

  • Joel


A few of us are coming down from Sydney… not sure who’s riding fixed gear, but at least two of us. Let us know the meeting point, we’re keen for a spin. We’re leaving Syd about lunchtime tomorrow, we should be down there by 3-4pm. Velodrome spin sounds good and early is better, we need to meet friends in Dickson about 7-8pm.


Lets meet at 4:30 at the silver goon bag in Garema place. For anyone who has work till 5 just rock up to the velodrome whenever you want, its not hard to find and we will be there for a few hours

sick balls. Let’s do it.

Don’t forget about the ride tonight guys!

See you guys at the velodrome! I’m not outta work til 5 or so this arvo

In. Madison racing anyone??

That was neat guys, let’s do it again (with much more thought out gear ratios though…)

Awesome feggets!!! (In joke, you had to be there…)

Bah! I was on my way passing narrabundah college when Keith msgd me to say you guys were moving on. Thought I’d chance catching you guys there but no luck then got a flat on the way to Kingston with no spares on me! Didn’t even get a beer! Oh well, next time eh?

Nice photo’s Ty, I had a fun time.

Hey question, what gear ratio would be the most suited to be able ride the drome and still cruise the streets. I know everyone’s different, but my crank is fucking out and i need to choose a new size any way… currently 48:14 and need to go FASTER (yes I’m aware that idealy you should have two setups for street and drome)

thanks team