next year's ddcx

as some of you know, nik and i are totally scouting for new locations for next year’s dirty deeds cx series.

today i got sent this for inspiration:

GianniBugnosagace | The british do it better. Inutile dirti, Bonobo,…

any other suggestions are welcome.

Lysterfield lake park? That place is pretty sweet, I’m sure trailmix could tell you who to call to organise and all that.

Also, I’m pumped as for this shit.

Maybe somewhere near the maribynong

That pic is from the 3peaks CX race in Britain. run around every September I think.

Steele Creek Reserve in Essendon, near Lily Street. You’ve got gravel path, those three hairpins which are paved, bit of a hill to run up, and lotsa room on the grass for obstacles and stuff. Probably not much mud, but could just make more twisty bits I guess.

After having a peek at one of the vids Nik posted up on the Dirty Deeds site of some guys riding a regular training circuit in Chicago (?) I’d be interested in suggestions for an equivalent route you could use for CX training say, pre-work - maybe the first section of the trails from the Guidedogs with some loops built up and say logs or barriers added to practice dismounts?

stu - the ‘wednesday worlds’ are in chilly boulder, coloradical.

but plans are afoot for a mini-training loop. jeremy and i used part of drive to the cbr race to discuss some ideas. its more likely to be near the ghettocross course, but i’ve looked at the section you refer to with some interest. starting just by the bridge and going out to the football field via mainly the trails, and then doing some off-camber turns before returning. you could have some barriers stored in the bushes along one of the sections and move them out when needed.

I’d be keen on that kind of loop on a regular pre-work day during autumn/winter.

interest noted :wink:

I ride this area around Essendon/Aberfeldie to work regularly on my CX and MTB.
Let me know what sort of course you would like and I will drop a couple of options.
Sealed surface might be a bit of a problem. Heaps of grass, heaps of hard pack.


I have a bike riding buddy in the council on the footscray side contact me if you need a hook up.

I have a couple of footscray-ish locations in mind. will be in touch when i narrow them down.

mad hippie - Same deal with essendon area.

I’m encouraging my dog to shit in the mud pit behind the brunswick velodrome in preparation for an event there again next year.