Nice 531 Hillman

As per title, Hillman Roadie, looks nice, even with #zeropassion 105.

Hillman Racing Bike in Melbourne, VIC | eBay

I like it a lot. I like that groupset, even. Like the racey bar wrap job. And like the braking marks on the rims. Looks like it goes fast.

I really like this.

Detecting sarcasm… probably should have said nice (enough) 531 frame under the rest of the crap. That better??

I’m not being sarcastic. The frame is super nice.

Directed more towards JP, sorry. Shame the frame is too small for me.

And too big for me… I really like it.

55/56 you should have a crack at it.

Too many bikes / not enough room.

Im going to have a crack at this, I’m not too fussed so let me know if you are going to bid also so I don’t bump you up

Nah, I won’t be. It’s all yours !

I do want… may bid on it too

well just let me know if you do and I won’t

Yes im going to bid on it…

Whats the going rate recently?

^ Hillmans have been pulling some good money, lately. A crappy one that arguably wasn’t even legit and unroadworthy went for over $200 a few months back.

Slept on it last night… JDW go for it. I shouldnt be buying more bikes

Anyone get it? Not a bad price.

Did anyone check it was legit?