Nice bit of Chas in W.A

Was about to jump on the pushy and grab this til I realised it was Kensington W.A , not the Kensington 5 minutes away, dammit!!

Chas Roberts road bike 56cm,
Chas Roberts road bike 56cm | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia South Perth Area - Kensington | 1055579371

Price: $ 750.00

^ Yeah I think I dropped this in WCP’s nighshift thread. Can’t believe it’s still available; EL tubes, Campy jewellery…

that is shit hawt, and I bet in the flesh even better. MmmmmGo FoA

9 speed record titanium goodness!
I’m curious about the wheelset tho. Looks like Campy hubs in Apollo rims. Is there another Apollo in bike world that isn’t crap??

^ FiR, Italian, just the model name, not the manufacturer. - Component: FiR Apollo

This bike has been for sale for too long. someone grab it

Aaahhhh…FiR rims! That makes more sense…

And away she goes…

Someone here?