Nice cheap Bundy roady

Peter Bundy red road bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Eastern Suburbs - Maroubra | 1026400396

And another:Jim Bundy bicycle | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Fairfield Area - Wetherill Park | 1025162036

Nice seat stay/top tube cluster on the first one.

If anyone’s keen on the second one, I live nearby

Id be keen on the Maroubra one if the photos werent taken on a vga 1995 webcam…

Bit of an effort to get out there and realise its a POS, or the ‘dent’ is masssive.

Pending the condition of the gears etc, I’d do like $200 or less.

…Okay - the Maroubra one is definitely not open to lowballing… Definitely not a pleasant lady.

The one in Maroubra was up months ago and I thought someone already nabbed that.

I’ll have a go, I’ll offer half of nothing.

Was a definite no to $150 and $200, but that was a bit opimistic.

Think she’d soften around the $250 mark.

If you wanna go there, just holla and I’m happy to drive out with you play wog courier. No probs if it’s a stinker :wink:

I am going to check out the maroubra one tonight or tomorrow morning. Will offer $250.

Offer less … it will only going towards meth or the pokies


i just got a message from the lady saying it has sold…anyone on here?