Nice Hillman for the Vertically Challenged

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Is this hillman something special? Looks like it has a campy logo in the HT. And I know it says Reynolds tubing but is that a Columbus fork?

^ If the decals are to be believed it’s Reynolds tubing. Do Columbus pantos overrule Reynolds decals? Would say the Campy badge is just a sticker.

Or it’s not the original fork?

Columbus lugs, Reynolds tubes?

Get the serial no. And email/ring Hillman. They’ll tell you.

^^ Probably not. Or the frame is Columbus and somebody stuck some Reynolds stickers on it.


Also is that a campy group on it?


Seat tube (centre to center)=490 mm
Top Tube (centre to center)=500mm
4 digit Hillman code stamped under B/B=2819
Shifters=Shimano (down tube SIS)
Brakes Front single caliper no name, Rear dual caliper no name,
Deraileurs=front Shimano 105, Rear Shimano unknown model
8 speed

Seatpost looks campy.

That information wasn’t there when I viewed it yesterday. Not as nice as I had thought it might be!